Version 2

    The new Q-Series offers intelligent, innovative fixing solutions with tailor-made components, from pre-locking to long lasting identification.

    Q_tie_red_120.jpgQ-tie Cable Tie

    The Q-tie is a unique and innovative product for bundling and fixing cables for a wide range of applications. It is available in various colours and materials.
    The innovative design of the open head tie provides an easy insertion even under difficult circumstances.


    The mounting bases Q-mounts are an ideal complement for Q-ties. Design and functionalityof the mounting bases match perfectly to provide an optimised working process. Different types and sizes are available.


    Identification Tags

    Besides fastening and fixing, the identification of cables is another important aspect of cable management. The Q-tag cable markers can be perfectly used
    with Q-ties. The tags offer
    different options for marking:
    • manual with marker pen
    • with adhesive label

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