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    • Evaluation Kit for i.MX28 Multimedia Applications Processor
    • Evaluation Kit for i.MX28 Multimedia Applications Processor


    The i.MX28 base NXP MCIMX28EVK evaluation kit (EVK) offers developers a price effective platform to ultimately develop, debug and demonstrate the personality of their next great product without compromising performance. The EVK supports all the features of the i.MX28 Family in a small, single-board design and an optional LCD add-on module to enable developers with a complete development. A range of peripheral and connectivity options makes the i.MX28 EVK suitable for developing a wide range of consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

    Keeping with NXP’s comprehensive software suites, the i.MX28 EVK comes with Linux® and Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 BSPs, as well as audio and video codecs at no extra cost to the customer. This complete software package reduces development complexity and improves time to market. The EVK is configured via the boot switches to boot from the SD card, making it simple to use the SDK.

    The i.MX28 EVK is designed for multimedia and connectivity applications. These applications use the i.MX28 series ARM9™ applications processor. The i.MX28 EVK can be used as a hardware and software development platform. This decreases time to market and provides a near-to-final product design. The board support package (BSP) for the i.MX28 EVK contains drivers optimized for multimedia operations using the i.MX28.

    NXP’s EVK for the i.MX28 applications processor allows designers to quickly prototype and demonstrate the results of their development efforts in a small, portable design. Develop user-interactive software and display your product-specific graphical data on a high-quality, touch screen enabled 4.3” WVGA TFT LCD, provided as an add-on module to the EVK. With NXP’s i.MX28 EVK, prototyping and development are simplified to reduce time to market.

    Key Applications: Consumer, Industrial and Automotive.



    • CPU
      • i.MX287 Applications Processor
      • DDR2 memory
      • SPI Flash/EEPROM footprints
      • ETM Support
      • DC/DC Converter components
      • Li-Ion battery connector
    • Peripherals
      • 4.3” WVGA Touchscreen LCD Display (add-on module)
      • Two SD/MMC card slots
      • Two USB Host/Device connectors
      • Two 10/100 Ethernet connectors
      • Two CAN connectors
      • Two Application UARTs
      • One Console UART
      • Navigation keys
      • Line input, headphone output (jack)
      • NAND socket—48 pin TSOP package
    • Debug
      • Debug Serial Port
      • JTAG
      • Reset, Interrupt, boot switches
      • Debug display/LED’s
      • Power Source
      • Current/power monitoring

    Ships With

    • i.MX28 EVK board
    • Windows® Embedded CE SD card
    • Linux® SD card
    • Ethernet straight
    • USB cable (micro-B to standard-A)
    • 5.0V/3.8A universal power supply
    • End-user license agreement
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Warranty card
    • NXP support card
    • Getting started video tutorials and useful web links

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