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    Jim Mettler -  Power Magnetics Expert at Triad Magnetics.


    Jim is head of engineering at Triad Magnetics, with expertise in Power Magnetics from fractional watts to  hundreds of kilowatts.


    Jim and his Triad team have extensive experience developing Power Magnetics for product applications including alternative energy, Smart Grid, metering, lighting, appliance, industrial, commercial, audio and medical equipment markets.  They create custom designs unique to the industry, balancing cost, size, temperatures, and efficiency for elegant solutions.


    With more than 28 years in the transformer design industry, including 12 years as the key Design Engineer at Triad, Jim has widespread knowledge of products utilizing Power Conversion, Measurement and Conditioning technologies. His years working closely with diverse customers to solve difficult design questions have made him an industry expert in power magnetics.


    Jim’s passion for power carries over into his personal life, as he’s designed and built his own battery powered motorcycle that he enjoys riding through the hills of California. He also powers off road in his 1975 Pinzgauer Swiss military vehicle.  In his spare time, he’s a docent at world famous Palomar Observatory, and volunteers for “Star Parties” at local schools, setting up his 12-inch Meade LX200 Schmidt Cassegrain telescope to teach them the science behind the stars.