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    STM32 (Cortex-M0)Back to Top
    Part NumberCore ArchitectureSilicon FamilyDescription
    STM320518-EVALSTM320518-EVALARM Cortex-M0STM32F0STM320518-EVAL Evaluation Board for STM32 F0 series with STM32F051R8 MCU
    STM32 (Cortex-M3)Back to Top
    Part NumberCore ArchitectureSilicon FamilyDescription
    STM32100B-EVALSTM32100B-EVALARM Cortex-M3STM32F100STM32100B-EVAL Evaluation Board for STM32F100 (128KB Flash) Value Line MCUs
    STM3210B-MCKITSTM3210B-MCKITARM Cortex-M3STM32F103xBMotor control starter kit for STM32 (128KB flash) Performance and Access Line MCUs
    STM3210C-EVALSTM3210C-EVALARM Cortex-M3STM32F107Evaluation board for STM32 (256KB Flash) Connectivity Line MCUs
    STM3210CPRIMERSTM3210CPRIMERARM Cortex-M3STM32F107VCEvoPrimer base with STM32F107VC (256KB flash) Connectivity Line MCU Target Board
    STM3210E-EVALSTM3210E-EVALARM Cortex-M3STM32F103Evaluation board for STM32 F1 Series with STM32F103 MCU
    STM3210EPRIMERSTM3210EPRIMERARM Cortex-M3STM32F103EvoPrimer with STM32 Performance Line target board
    STM3210E-SK/KEILSTM3210E-SK/KEILARM Cortex-M3STM32F101/102/103Keil starter kit for STM32 F1 (512k Flash) Performance and Access Line MCUs
    STM3220G-JAVASTM3220G-JAVAARM Cortex-M3STM32F207STM32 F2 Series Java Evaluation Kit
    STM3220G-SK/IARSTM3220G-SK/IARARM Cortex-M3STM32F207IAR starter kit for STM32 F2 Series MCU
    STM32L-DISCOVERYSTM32L-DISCOVERYARM Cortex-M3STM32L151/152Discovery kit for STM32L151/152 line with STM32L152RB MCU
    STM32VLDISCOVERYSTM32VLDISCOVERYARM Cortex-M3STM32F100Discovery kit for STM32F100 Value Line with STM32F100RB MCU
    STM32 (Cortex-M4)Back to Top
    Part NumberCore ArchitectureSilicon FamilyDescription
    STM32F4DISCOVERYSTM32F4DISCOVERYARM Cortex-M4STM32F407Discovery Kit for STM32 F4 Series with STM32F407VG MCU
    STM32F4DIS-BBSTM32F4DIS-BB----Base Board for the STM32F4 Discovery Board    New!
    STM32F4DIS-CAMSTM32F4DIS-CAM----Camera board for the STM32F4 Discovery Board  New!
    STM32F4DIS-LCDSTM32F4DIS-LCD----3"5 LCD board for the STM32F4 Discovery Board   New!
    STM8 8-bit MCUsBack to Top
    Part NumberCore ArchitectureSilicon FamilyDescription
    STM8/128-EVALSTM8/128-EVALSTM8STM8S2xxEvaluation Board for STM8S series with STM8S208MB MCU
    STM8L101-EVALSTM8L101-EVALSTM8STM8L1/L2Evaluation Board for STM8L101 MCUs
    STM8L-DISCOVERYSTM8L-DISCOVERYSTM8STM8LDiscovery kit for STM8L series with STM8L152C6 MCU