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    Kit Overview


    The Freescale FSLBOTFSLBOT robot kit operates with the Tower Mechatronics ( TWR-MECHTWR-MECH) board to create an easy to use mechatronics development and demonstration platform. It is designed specifically to be used and programmed with RobotSEE—a language as simple as BASIC. More advanced users can take programming to new levels of functionality with the use of CodeWarrior and Freescale’s Tower System. This toolset allows for the science of combining mechanics, electronics, and software into an integrated system. The kit includes four PWM controlled servos (actuators), metal legs, and the Tower System Mechatronics board that has a 3-axis accelerometer and a 12 channel touch sensor.  Through building the kit, you can experience what the 4 degree of freedom bipedal walking robot can do.


    The Tower System Mechatronics board is programmable in C/C++ using CodeWarrior and an on-board OSBDM flash programming tool.  For fast prototyping or for individuals without C/C++ experience, the Tower System Mechatronics Board is supported by the Robot Vision Toolkit and RobotSee (a language as simple as BASIC with the power of C). The Tower Mechatronics Board combines 32-bit computing, sensors, and actuator control into a single stand-alone board with an on-board battery supply. The Tower Mechatronics Board has a 32-bit ColdFire microcontroller with 64K of RAM, 512K of flash, and supports the full range of Freescale Xtrinsic sensors via plug-in daughter boards. The board can directly control up to eight actuators (PWM controlled RC servos) via the eight industry standard 3-pin connectors.


    Key Applications: Mobile Robot (Battery Operated), Robotic Arm, Factory Automation and Drives, Connectivity (Wired and Wireless), Motor Control.

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    Development Tools


    Software Development Tools:


    Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription
    IDEFreescaleCodeWarriorAll Freescale MCU's

    Freescale's software and development solutions take you beyond the silicon, helping to bring your embedded applications to life.  Learn More

    RTOSFreescaleMQXColdFire / HC08 / HC12 / ARM / S08 / RS08 / PowerPC

    The Freescale MQX Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) provides real-time performance within a small, configurable footprint. This RTOS is designed to allow you to configure and balance code size with performance requirements. Learn More

    RTOSMicriumuC/OS IIIColdFire / HC08 / HC12 / ARM / S08 / RS08 / PowerPC

    μC/OS-III is Micrium’s newest RTOS, designed for developers who need to save time on their current and next embedded sytem projects. Using a commercial real-time kernel such as μC/OS-III provides a solid foundation and framework to the design engineer dealing with the growing complexity of embedded designs.  Learn More

    RTOSSeggerembOSColdFire / HC08 / HC12 / ARM / S08 / RS08

    SEGGER embOS (Real Time Operating System) follows strict, yet efficient coding and documentation standards. embOS is a priority-controlled real time operating system, designed to be used as foundation for the development of embedded real-time applications.  Learn More


    Hardware Development Tools:


    Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription
    Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsFreescaleU-MULTILINKU-MULTILINKHC08 / HCS12 / S08 / RS08 / Coldfire / KinetisP&E USB Multilink Universal debug and programming interface for HCS08, HC(S)12(X), ColdFire, Qorivva MPC55xx/56xx, and Kinetis
    Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsFreescaleUSBMLCFUSBMLCFColdfire V2/V3/V4USB BDM Interface cable for the ColdFire V2/V3/V4


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    Technical Documents

    Learning Center
    User GuideFreescale: Quick Start Guide For Mechatronics Robot -FSLBOT
    Design TechniquesFreescale: How to Use Freescale's Robot and the Tower Mechatronics Board
    Product BriefFreescale: Fact Sheet For TWR-MECH
    User GuideFreescale: Assembly Guide For Freescale Mechatronics Robot
    Solution GuideFreescale: Solutions For Tower System


    Design Elements
    Application LibraryFreescale: Robot Vision Tool kit 
    Application LibraryFreescale: Codewarrior Sample Code For TWR-MECH FSLBOT
    SchematicsFreescale: TWR-MECH Board-Schematics File


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    Kit Features



    • Metal 4 degrees of freedom walking biped robot
    • MCF52259MCF52259 Tower Mechatronics Board with 3-axis  accelerometer
    • Expandable with additional plug-in sensors (pressure, magnetometer, touch)
    • 4 PWM controlled RC servo motors
    • Expressive "face" with 12 touch pads, and 7 LED's for user interaction
    • Easily add your own sensors and accessories using; I2C, SPI, A/D, or GPIO
    • Programmable in C/C++ using CodeWarrior
    • Supported by The Robot Vision Toolkit and RobotSee (a language as simple as BASIC)

















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    Kit Contents


    • Tower Mechatronics Board with ColdFire MCF52259MCF52259
    • 4 PWM controlled RC servos
    • Leg mechanics and associated hardware
    • Bipedal 4DOF walking Robot assembly instructions
    • Tower Mechatronics Board User Guide
    • Quick Start Guide Document

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