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    Hardware Features

    • TMS320F28335 Floating-Point Digital Signal Controller
      • 150 MHz operation
      • 512 KB on-chip flash memory
      • 68 KB on-chip RAM
      • 12-bit ADC with 16 input channels
    • 128k x 16 off-chip SRAM
    • Clamshell socket for the F28335 DSC
    • RS-232 interface with on-board transceiver and 9-pin DSUB connector
    • CAN interface with on-board transceiver and 9-pin DSUB connector
    • Multiple expansion connectors provide access to all F28335 I/O signals
    • Embedded USB JTAG Controller
    • Operates from a single 5V supply with provided AC adapter
    • IEEE 1149.1 JTAG emulation connector

    Software Features

    • Code Composer Studio™ Integrated Development Environment for C2000 including C compiler, assembler, linker, real-time debug support, data visualization, a profiler and a flexible project manager.
    • eZdsp diagnostic software, including test examples for UART, CAN, I2C, and memory
    • Texas Instruments’ Flash APIs to support the F28335
    • Texas Instruments’ F28335 header files and example software


    The Texas Instruments TMDSEZ28335 eZdsp starter kit is a complete software development platform for the TMS320F2833x series of floating-point Digital Signal Controllers. The eZdsp kit includes an F28335 target board that features integrated JTAG emulation, 128Kx16 asynchronous SRAM, CAN 2.0 and RS-232 interfaces, and expansion headers that provide access to all F28335 I/O signals. Also included in the kit is the Code Composer Studio™ Integrated Development Environment, USB interface to the host PC, and a universal power supply. This single orderable part number supports all regions of the world.

    The F28335 is a floating point signal controller, running at 150MHz. The F28335 eZdsp is suited for high-precision control applications. This board is, allowing the DSP to be changed to any F2823x (fixed point) or F2833x (floating point) device.

    The C28x+FPU is a 32-bit fixed-point processing unit with IEEE 32-bit floating-point format support. This CPU draws from the best features of digital signal processing; reduced instruction set computing (RISC); and microcontroller architectures, firmware, and tool sets. The C28x devices features include a modified Harvard architecture and circular addressing.

    The RISC features are single-cycle instruction execution, register-to-register operations, and modified Harvard architecture. The microcontroller features include ease of use through an intuitive instruction set, byte packing and unpacking, and bit manipulation. The modified Harvard architecture of the CPU enables instruction and data fetches to be performed in parallel. The CPU can read instructions and data while it writes data simultaneously to maintain the single-cycle instruction operation across the pipeline. The CPU does this over six separate address/data buses.

    Key Applications: Digital power, Digital motor control, Renewable energy, Power line communications, Lighting,Automotive, Precision sensing and control.

    • The TMDSEZ28335 DSP board
    • Code Composer Studio
    • Power supply, line cord and USB cable