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    Kit Overview


    The CC11xLDK-868-915CC11xLDK-868-915 development kit provides a complete hardware performance testing and software development platform for Texas Instruments Sub-1 GHz Value Line. The development kit comes with a pre-programmed packet error rate test. RF range and robustness can be tested with different RF settings, and power consumption can be measured easily. This kit supports 868MHz and 915MHz. An extra Evaluation Module Kit (CC11XLEMK-433CC11XLEMK-433) is needed to evaluate 433MHz.


    The TrxEB, Transceiver Evaluation Board, contains an MSP430 and the following peripherals for prototyping applications: MSP430F5438MSP430F5438 MCU , USB interface , Dot matrix LCD 128 x 64, 3 axis digital accelerometer, Light sensor SmartRF Studio is a PC application developed for configuration and evaluation of many of the RF-IC products from Texas Instruments. The application is designed for use with SmartRF Evaluation Boards, such as SmartRF TrxEB, and runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems. SmartRF Studio lets you explore and experiment with the RF-ICs as it gives full overview and access to the devices’ registers to configure the radio and has a control interface for simple radio operation from the PC. This means that SmartRF Studio will help radio system designers to easily evaluate the RF-IC at an early stage in the design process. It also offers a flexible code export function of radio register settings for software developers.


    Key Applications: Alarm and security, Industrial and home automation, Medical and health, Metering and smart energy, Portable consumer and enterprise, Remote controls, Wireless audio.

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    Development Tools


    Software Development Tools:

    Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription
    IDETexas InstrumentsCode Composer Studio (CCStudio)ALL TI MCUsCCStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for TI embedded   processor families. CCStudio comprises a suite of tools used to develop and debug embedded applications. It includes   compilers for each of TI's device families, source code editor, project build environment, debugger, profiler, simulators,   real-time operating system and many other features. Learn More


    Hardware Development Tools:


    Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription
    EmulatorsTexas InstrumentsXDS100V2 JTAGXDS100V2 JTAGMSP430JTAG Emulator
    Debugger / ProgrammerTexas InstrumentsMSP-FET430UIFMSP-FET430UIFMSP430MSP430 USB Debugging Interface
    Debugger / ProgrammerTexas InstrumentsMSP-FET430PIFMSP-FET430PIFMSP430MSP430 Parallel Port Debugging Interface


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    Technical Documents

    Learning Center
    DatasheetTexas Instruments: Datasheet for MSP430F543xA, MSP430F541xA Mixed Signal Microcontroller (Rev. B)
    User GuideTexas Instruments: User's Guide for MSP430x5xx/MSP430x6xx Family (Rev. I)
    User GuideTexas Instruments: Hardware Tools User's Guide for MSP430 Microcontroller(Rev. F)
    Application NoteTexas Instruments: Programming a Flash-Based MSP430 Using the JTAG Interface
    Application NoteTexas Instruments: Application note on MSP430 32-kHz Crystal Oscillators


    Design Elements
    SchematicTexas Instruments: MSP430 schematic symbols and footprints library for use with the Eagle CAD tool (Rev. E)
    Application LibraryTexas Instruments: Software code examples for MSP430F543xA, MSP430F541xA (Rev. A)
    Application LibraryTexas Instruments: Software code for Implementing An Ultralow-Power Keypad Interface with MSP430


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    Kit Features



    • 2 x CC110LCC110L Evaluation Modules 868/915 MHz
    • 1 x CC113LCC113L Evaluation Module 868/915 MHz
    • 1 x CC115LCC115L Evaluation Module 868/915 MHz
    • 2 x SmartRF Transceiver Evaluation Board (TrxEB) for radio performance testing
    • MSP430 debugger tool for software development
    • The evaluation modules use a Helical PCB-antenna
    • Complete RF reference designs and source-code for all software examples are available online
    • MSP430 pre-programmed with packet error rate test for out-of-the box range- and performance testing
    • Supports SmartRF Studio
    • Works with 868 and 915 (433 MHz, CC11XLEMK-433CC11XLEMK-433)













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    Kit Contents


    • 2 x SmartRF™ Transciever EB (TrxEB)
    • 2 x CC110LEMCC110LEM 868/915 MHz
    • 1 x CC113LEMCC113LEM 868/915 MHz
    • 1 x CC115LEMCC115LEM 868/915 MHz
    • 1 x MSP430 Debug Probe (FET)
    • 2 x Micro USB Cables
    • 1 x Standard USB Cable
    • 1 x 14-pin Flat Cable
    • 4 x 1.5 Volt AA Batteries
    • Documentation

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