Version 4

    High-Resistance Platinum Thin-Film Temperature Sensors

    your advantages:

    - extremely high resistance values ("state of art" are 10'000 Ohm)
    - standard temperature range from -200°C to +400°C (applications below -200°C are possible with alternated characteristic curve)

    - the high impedance allows the use of extremely long and/or thin lead wires
    true DIN EN 60751 characteristic curve for temperature coefficient 3850 ppm/K
    excellent hysteresis behaviour
    - suitable for cryogenic applications (a well-defined characteristic curve down to 10K)
    - vibration and shock resistance due to compact construction


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    Data Specifications PG-Sensor TK 3911 ppm/K (PDF 136,0 kB)

    Data Specifications PW-Sensor TK 3850 ppm/K (PDF 144,0 kB)