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    PIC32MZ EC Starter Kit Adapter Board


    The Microchip PIC32MZ EC Adaptor Board, which features a 168-pin to 132-pin connector, enables the use of PIC32 starter kits that have a 168-pin interface.

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    • Controllerless graphics support for 4/8-bit STN, 4/8-bit CSTN, 18-bit HR-TFT and 9/12/18/24-bit TFT interfaces
    • 16 Megabit (2 Mb x 8) serial Flash memory for additional data storage
    • Can drive QVGA 8bpp with PIC32 alone
    • Can drive WQVGA 16bpp with external 256KB SRAM Frame buffer
    • Display connector for interfacing with different display boards
    • PICtail Plus Interface for connecting to Explorer 16 Development Board
    • Starter Kit Connector

    The Low-Cost Controllerless (LCC) Graphics PICtail Plus Daughter Board enables development of graphics solutions without an external graphics controller, thus reducing system BOM cost for many applications. The board is designed to attach to a PIC32 starter kit (DM320001, DM320003-2, DM320004) or an Explorer16 development board (DM240001) and one of Microchip LCD Modules including the Truly 3.2” QVGA board and the 4.3” WQVGA Powertip display panel.

    A Starter Kit, I/O Expansion Board, or an Explorer 16 Development Board (DM240001) is required, but only one should be used. An external 9V (AC162039) power supply can be connected through the Explorer 16 Development Board or directly to connector J5. When a Starter Kit is used, the setup can be powered via the USB debugger. If your USB device cannot supply enough power, the external power supply should be used. Finally, a display board, such as the Graphics Display Truly 3.2" 240x320 Board (AC164127-4), should be connected to the display connector.

    Several board settings can be selected:

    • Jumper Pins 1-2: These pins set the board for internal memory mode. In this mode an 8 BPP color signal is sent to the LCD using internal SRAM memory from the PIC.
    • Jumper Pins 2-3: These pins set the board for external memory mode. In this mode a 16 BPP color signal is sent to the LCD using external 8 Megabit SRAM (512 x 16) memory found on the board.
    • Low Cost Controllerless (LCC) Graphics PICtail Plus Daughter Board