PICDEM.net2 Development Board

Version 20
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    • Web server with HTML support
    • Microchip free TCP/IP stack support
    • 2 x Ethernet interface (RJ-45 connector)
    • PICtailTM connector for future expansion boards
    • 16 x 2 character alpha-numeric LCD display
    • ICSP™/MPLAB ICD 2 interface connector for in circuit programming and debugging
    • Programmable buttons/LEDs
    • Temp sensor
    • RS-232/RS-485 interface
    • Real time clock

    The PICDEM.net™ 2 Development Board (DM163024) is an Internet/Ethernet development board supporting both the popular ENC28J60 Ethernet Controller and the single-chip Ethernet microcontroller family, the PIC18F97J60.

    With this board, using Microchip’s free TCP/IP stack, a web server can be developed showcasing the capability to remote monitor and control embedded applications over the Internet.

    This board was created to allow developers to examine Microchip’s latest available technology in embedded Ethernet and Internet solutions. Using the free Microchip TCP/IP Stack source code, developers can experiment with the preprogrammed Microchip TCP/IP Demo Application and learn how to integrate connectivity into their applications.

    A Microchip PIC18F97J60 microcontroller with built-in Ethernet controller and transceiver is directly installed on the board (U3). The device is clocked at 41.67 MHz and has been reprogrammed with demonstration firmware from the Microchip TCP/IP Stack.

    In addition to the PIC18F97J60, the PICDEM.net 2 Development Board also features a Microchip ENC28J60 stand-alone Ethernet controller. This device provides Ethernet connectivity for microcontroller-based applications using a standard SPI interface.

    • The PICDEM.net 2 Development Board
    • A standard CAT5 “straight-through” network cable for networking the board
    • A CAT5 “crossover” network cable for networking the board directly to a computer
    • An “Important Information” card
    • Using the PICDEM.net™ 2 Development Board” quick start guide
    • A warranty registration card