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    • PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit
    • PICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit


    The PICkit 1 FLASH Starter Kit DV164101 is a low-cost development kit with an easy to use interface for programming Microchip's 8/14-pin FLASH family of microcontrollers. This starter kit is designed to help the user get up to speed quickly using PIC® microcontrollers. The kit provides everything needed to program, evaluate and develop applications using Microchip's powerful 8/14- pin FLASH family of microcontrollers.

    Code development and debugging is performed using Microchip’s powerful MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The MPLAB IDE is a seamless, integrated software development environment that includes a MPASM™ macro assembler, MPLAB SIM software simulator with symbolic debugger, color-coded source editor, project manager with high-level language debugging and concurrent support for development tools, including lowcost in-circuit debuggers, full-featured real-time emulators and programmers. The consistent and easy-to-use graphic user interface of the MPLAB desktop allows for rapid switching between development, debugging and programming modes within a project.

    The PICkit™ 1 FLASH Starter Kit is a low cost programmer for Microchip's 8/14-pin FLASH microcontrollers. On the surface, the PICkit 1 is an easy to use programmer. What may not be so obvious to its user is the PICkit 1 is also a useful design example illustrating primarily two things: (1) a Windows®-based low speed USB application and (2) a simple boost power supply design.

    Please consider the PICkit 3 Debug Express (DV164131). PICkit 1 is not recommended for new designs.

    Key Applications: Embedded serial communications development system, USB Interface, GUI Interface.


    • Small 3 x 4.5 Inch circuit board with snap-off prototyping board
    • Easy to use Windows® programming interface for programming Microchip's 8/14 pin FLASH family of microcontrollers
    • Seven sequential tutorials written in both Assembly and HI-TECH C demonstrate how to use Microchip's 8/14 pin FLASH family of microcontrollers
    • Microchip's Tips 'n Tricks Booklet provides efficient, low-cost design techniques using Microchip FLASH microcontrollers
    • PICkit 1 User Guide (included on CD ROM)

    Ships With

    • PICkit 1 Circuit Board with 8-pin PIC12F675
    • PICkit 1 FLASH Starter Kit CD-ROM
    • MPLAB IDE (Integrated Development Environment) CD-ROM
    • Software and Hardware "Tips 'n Tricks" for 8-pin FLASH PIC Microcontrollers Booklet
    • USB Interface Cable

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