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    • chipKIT Basic I/O Shield
    • chipKIT Basic I/O Shield


    Microchip’s chipKIT Basic I/O Shield (TDGL005) is a input/output expansion board designed for use with chipKIT microcontroller boards such as the Uno32™ and the Max32™.

    The Basic I/O Shield is designed to provide a range of input/output devices suitable for beginners learning about microcontrollers and various types of I/O devices, or for use by more advanced user to provide inputs or outputs for their own projects.

    The Basic I/O Shield provides simple digital input devices such as switches and buttons, and digital output devices such as discrete LEDs and high current open FET drivers. It provides more advanced devices such as an I2C EEPROM, an I2C temperature sensor, and organic LED graphic display. A potentiometer is also provided for use as an analog input device.

    The Basic I/O Shield is designed to the same form factor as the Uno32 board, but is also useable with the Max32 board.

    The chipKIT development platform is a 32-bit Arduino solution that enables hobbyists and academics to easily and inexpensively integrate electronics into their projects, even if they do not have an electronic-engineering background. The platform consists of two PIC32-based development boards and open-source software that is compatible with the Arduino programming language and development environment. The chipKIT hardware is compatible with existing 3.3V Arduino shields and applications, and can be developed using a modified version of the Arduino IDE and existing Arduino resources, such as code examples, libraries, references and tutorials.

    Key Applications: Metering Solutions, Motor control, Home appliance, Design Examples, Digital Power, Lighting, USB, Ethernet, CAN, Wireless, Graphics Solutions, Audio and Speech, Low Power


    • 128x32 pixel OLED graphic display
    • I2C temperature sensor
    • 256Kbit I2C EEPROM
    • I2C daisy chain connector
    • 4 push buttons
    • 4 slide switches
    • 8 discrete LEDs
    • 4 open drain FET drivers
    • Analog potentiometer

    Ships With

    • One chipKIT Basic I/O Shield Board

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