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    The ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) tool enable developers to get the best from their ARM technology-based systems. Whether implementing an ARM processor-based SoC or writing software for an Application Specific Standard Product (ASSP), ARM tools enable you to deliver the best solution with the highest performance and lowest power.


    The ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) is the complete suite of software development tools for ARM processor-based ASICs and standard devices. DS-5 accelerates your software development by providing an easy-to-use, integrated, and validated toolchain. ARM DS-5 provides best-in-class tools for the broadest range of ARM processor-based platforms, including application processors and multicore SoCs. ARM DS-5 is the toolkit of choice for software developers who want to fully realize the benefits of the ARM Architecture. Comprising features such as the best-in-class ARM Compiler, powerful OS-aware debugger, system-wide performance analyzer, and real-time system simulator, DS-5 is an integrated development environment that assists engineers in delivering optimized and robust software for ARM processors.


    DS-5 includes the following component tools:

    • Eclipse-based IDE combines software development with the compilation technology of the DS-5 tools.
    • DS-5 Compilation Tools.
    • DS-5 Debugger, together with a supported debug target, enables debugging of application programs and complete control over the flow of program execution to quickly isolate and correct errors.


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    Key Features

    • Support for all ARM processors.
    • Integration with the industry-standard Eclipse IDE, which provides a large ecosystem of 3rd party plug-ins.
    • Flexible C/C++ editor and project manager.
    • Powerful C/C++ compilation tools.
    • Debugger supports all phases of development from bootloader to kernel, and user space.
    • Streamline Performance Analyzer provides system-wide profiling based on performance counters.
    • Instant correlation of performance-bottlenecks (e.g. cache misses, interrupts) and software execution.
    • Fast simulator for ARM software development on the host computer with typical speeds above 250 MHz.
    • Support and maintenance contract for one year.


    DS-5 Debugger

    The DS-5 Debugger brings together the convenience and productivity of integrated microcontroller tools with the power and flexibility of open source tools for Linux. Its Eclipse-based GUI abstracts the complexity of managing various target connection types and delivers an homogeneous experience for bare-metal, RTOS, and Linux/Android kernel and user spaces debug.(Getting Started Video)


    ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer

    Powerful and cost-efficient solution for system-wide software profiling and performance analysis for ARM Linux and Android platforms. Building on low-intrusiveness sampling technology, Streamline features an intuitive graphical interface that presents information ranging from system-wide performance counters to hotspots in the source code, making it easy for developers to identify performance bottlenecks, multi-threading issues and general inefficient resource usage. (Getting Started Video)


    DS-5 Supported Platforms

    DS-5 includes a comprehensive device configuration database that allows fast connection to supported targets for run-control debug and trace. Even if your device or development board is not on the list, DS-5 ships device configuration tools to scan your SoC for supported IP blocks and create a new entry on the database. On top of that, you can use one of the "DS-5 Ready" platforms from ARM partners, which ship with Full Support for Streamline™ and the DS-5 Debugger, so all you need to worry about is to develop your code!


    Real Time System Model (RTSM) Simulator

    The Cortex-A8 and dual-core Cortex-A9 RTSMs in DS-5 enable software development without a hardware target. RTSMs are simulation models of ARM Hardware Platforms that include processor, memory controller, and peripherals required to run complex operating systems and applications.

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    Licensing Options & System Req.

    The ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) tool is available in thee editions as below:

    • DS-5 Application Edition: supports user-space Linux and Android native development with a low-cost package.
    • DS-5 Linux Edition: targets bring-up, driver and application development on Linux systems.
    • DS-5 Professional Edition: extends the functionality of DS-5 to support any ARM-based SoC running bare metal, Linux and RTOS-based software.


    Minimum System Requirements:

    • 2 GHz host processor (dual-core recommended)
    • 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended)
    • 2 GB of hard disk space


    Suported Operating Systems:

    DS-5 supports the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the following x86 host platforms:

    • Windows XP Professional service pack 3
    • Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Desktop and Workstation
    • Support for Windows Vista service pack 2 is deprecated
    Application EditionLinux EditionProfessional Edition
    Eclipse IDE and Project Manager
    GNU Complier for Linux
    Linux Application Debugger
    Streamline Performance Analyzer
    Real-Time System Models
    Boot Code and Driver Debug (JTAG)
    Boot Code and Driver Trace
    ARM Complier
    Processor SupportApps coresApps coresAny core


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    Language Tools

    The Best-In-Class ARM Compiler in ARM DS-5 Professional Edition is the only commercial compiler co-developed with the ARM processors and specifically designed to optimally support the ARM architecture. It is the result of 20 years of development and is recognized as the industry standard C and C++ compiler for building applications targeting the ARM, Thumb, Thumb-2, VFP and NEON instruction sets.


    • ARM processors are designed to best execute code generated by the ARM Compiler
    • ARM Compiler enables the new processor features in all the ARM processors
    • The ARM Compiler supports building of Symbian OS and ARM Linux applications and libraries
    • The ARM Compiler v5.0 reduces the best codesize by up to 5% and improves the best performance by 10-15% when compared to RVDS 4.0 compiler.


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    Debuggers and Programmers

    DSTREAM (DSTRM-KT-0181ADSTRM-KT-0181A) - High-Performance Debug and Trace


    The ARM DSTREAM high-performance debug and trace unit enablespowerful software debug and optimization on any ARM processorbasedhardware target. DSTREAM includes a 4GB trace buffer toallow high-bandwidth trace for long periods of time on fast targets.


    DSTREAM enables the connection of DS-5 Debugger, RVD, andthird party debuggers to ARM processor-based devices via JTAG orSerial-Wire Debug. It uses hardware acceleration to deliver highdownload speeds and fast stepping through code on single andmulti-processor devices.


    VSTREAM - Virtual Debug Interface

    VSTREAM is a fast and flexible virtual debug interface thatconnects software debuggers to hardware assisted verificationsystems such as Cadence Palladium, Eve ZeBu and Mentor Veloce.VSTREAM also supports RTL simulators for Cadence Incisive,Mentor ModelSim, Questa and Synopsys VCS. VSTREAM enablesmore efficient interface for software development in the earlystages of system design, reducing project risk and improving theutilization of hardware emulators and time-to-market.


    RealView ICE (RVI) and RealView Trace 2 (RVT2)

    RealView ICE (RVI) and RealView Trace 2 (RVT2) are ARM's legacy target connection units. While RVI provide run-control debug functionality for both DS-5 and RVDS users, RVT2 adds trace capabilities to RVI for RVDS users only.


    RVI run-control debug unit enables the connection of ARM and third party debuggers to ARM processor-based devices via JTAG or Serial-Wire Debug. RVI uses FPGA acceleration to deliver high download speeds and fast stepping through code on single and multi-processor devices.With features such as Virtual Ethernet for mounting of remote files systems without additional drivers or I/O ports, accelerated hardware bring-up for many development platforms, and open debug interface for use with third-party tools, RVI is a comprehensive solution for development and debug of complex SoCs.


    RVT2 trace capture unit is a trace capture hardware unit that works as an extension to RVI. RVT2 connects to the trace port of a hardware target to extract trace data off-chip, either storing it onto its 24MB buffer or streaming it to a host computer.Trace is an essential tool for the resolution of complex software/hardware and timing-related issues, as it enables post-analysis of a software execution without the need for any software or hardware instrumentation. In addition, the innovative data streaming capability in RVT2, together with the ARM Profiler also enables non-intrusive, long term software profiling.


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    Technical Documents

    Learning Center
    Quick Start GuideARM: Quick Start Guide for ARM Development Studio 5 (DS5)
    User GuideARM: How to use ARM Streamline in ARM Development Studio 5 (DS5)
    Product BriefARM: Development Studio 5 Product Brief
    Reference ManualARM: Instruction Set Overview for ARM Family
    Selection GuideARM: Development Tool Selection Guide for ARM Family

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    Ordering Information  [China customers please CLICK HERE]

    Part NumberDescription
    DS-5 Professional Edition
    DS5PE-KD-30000DS5PE-KD-30000DS-5 Professional Edition Node Lock LIC - Download
    DS5PE-KD-30001DS5PE-KD-30001DS-5 Professional Edition Node Lock LIC - Download (1-YR TERM)
    DS5PE-KD-3CMB0DS5PE-KD-3CMB0DS-5 Professional Edition & RVDS4.1 Combo Node Lock LIC - Download
    DS5PE-KD-3CMB1DS5PE-KD-3CMB1DS-5 Professional Edition & RVDS4.1 Combo Node Lock LIC - Download (1-YR TERM)
    DS5PE-KD-40000DS5PE-KD-40000DS-5 Professional Edition Floating LIC - Download
    DS5PE-KD-40001DS5PE-KD-40001DS-5 Professional Edition Floating LIC - Download (1-YR TERM)
    DS5PE-KD-4CMB0DS5PE-KD-4CMB0DS-5 Professional Edition & RVDS4.1 Combo Floating LIC - Download
    DS5PE-KD-4CMB1DS5PE-KD-4CMB1DS-5 Professional Edition & RVDS4.1 Combo Floating LIC - Download (1-YR TERM)
    DS5PE-KT-30000DS5PE-KT-30000DS-5 Professional Edition Node Lock LIC - DVD/CD
    DS5PE-KT-30001DS5PE-KT-30001DS-5 Professional Edition Node Lock LIC - DVD/CD (1-YR TERM)
    DS5PE-KT-3CMB0DS5PE-KT-3CMB0DS-5 Professional Edition & RVDS4.1 Combo Node Lock LIC - DVD/CD
    DS5PE-KT-3CMB1DS5PE-KT-3CMB1DS-5 Professional Edition & RVDS4.1 Combo Node Lock LIC - DVD/CD (1-YR TERM)
    DS5PE-KT-40000DS5PE-KT-40000DS-5 Professional Edition Floating LIC - DVD/CD
    DS5PE-KT-40001DS5PE-KT-40001DS-5 Professional Edition Floating LIC - DVD/CD (1-YR TERM)
    DS5PE-KT-4CMB0DS5PE-KT-4CMB0DS-5 Professional Edition & RVDS4.1 Combo Floating LIC - DVD/CD
    DS5PE-KT-4CMB1DS5PE-KT-4CMB1DS-5 Professional Edition & RVDS4.1 Combo Floating LIC - DVD/CD (1-YR TERM)
    DS-5 Bundles
    BUNDS-KT-3PE00BUNDS-KT-3PE00DS-5 Professional + DSTREAM Bundle (Node Lock LIC, DVD/CD)
    BUNDS-KT-4PE00BUNDS-KT-4PE00DS-5 Professional + DSTREAM Bundle (Floating LIC, DVD/CD)


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