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    CooCox is a Free & Open ARM development tool environment for ARM Cortex-M4, M3 and M0 microcontrollers from elemnet14 Embest. CooCox offer freely available powerful software development tool for ARM Cortex-M based microcontrollers. Coocox Tools organizes and provides the knowledge required by developers. It's also a social network platform for embedded developers and provides a embedded development knowledge platform to the users. Coocox can organize information, extract and share expertise through the collective wisdom.


    Coocox development tool consist of various modules like CoIDE, CoFlash, CoLinkEx, CoOS, CoCenter and CoAssistant. Coocox development tool can be downloaded for free from here.



    CoIDE includes all the tools necessary to develop high-quality software solutions in a timly and cost effective manner. It integrates CoBuilder and CoDebugger for simplicity and ease of use. CoIDE is consists of a component-based network platform and an Eclipse-based development environment [Component is a set of relatively independent codes, peripheral driver programs, some algorithms and operating system]. Unlike other traditional embedded development IDE, CooCox programming approach is based on its components, routines and examples. The component-based network platform can quickly obtain resources to build applications, share your resources and exchange ideas. The Eclipse-based development environment provides many features for code editing, code browsing, compiling, linking, debugging, project management, etc.


    CoIDE has four different panels windows like any other IDEs but serves different purpose: Components Window, Components Tree Window, Example Window and Help Window.


    Components Window:

    Components window is basically a browser window where you can select your MCU supplier and the microcontroller. After selecting your microcontroller, here you can see the listed of all the components for respective microcontroller. User can add the appropriate component code to their project only by clicking on the components. If the components are appropriate to user requirement, user only need to check the corresponding components to complete all of the software development work except the application layer development.


    Any registered users can upload their own components to the server following CooCox component standard and then share them with other users. Developers are able to offer comments and grade the components uploaded by other users, components window will rank them by these scores.


    Components Tree Window:
    The checked components will be organized in the form of tree in Components Tree Window. The Component Tree is completely corresponding to the Project tree. When checking one component, the corresponding files in Project tree will be highlighted. And the Examples Window will automatically display the example codes for the selected component.

    Examples Window:
    Once clicked on any component in Components Tree Window, all the related examples will be listed in Examples Window. User can refer to these examples or add them to their project. Like Components Window, Examples Window is also a browser based and registered user can add their own examples to share with others or give comments and grade to those provided by other users.


    Help Window:

    Help Window provides a variety of related information according to the changes made by the developer. When user selects a microcontroller, Help Window will provide its basic information, data sheet, technical manuals. Checking on component, Help Window will provide its API information. Checking for examples, help window will provide its schematic and evaluation board information.



    CoFlash is a free stand-alone Flash programming tool, providing both GUI and Command line modes. Unlike the other Flash programming tools: CoFlash supports User-defined flash programming algorithm, user just need to complete five functions; Init, EraseSector, EraseChip, ProgramPage and UnInit, to finish their user-defined flash programming algorithm according to the template provide in CoFlash tool. Same as the components and examples of CoIDE, users also could share their programming algorithm with others, and give their comments to the algorithm provided by other users.


    CoLinkEx is a free and open In-Circuit Emulation solution, supports JTAG and Software (SW) debugging for ARM Cortex-M devices, it supports debugging using CooCox development tool and well known Keil Realview MDK ARM development tool.



    CoOS is a free and open embedded real-time multi-task OS, designed specially for ARM Cortex M series. Learn More



    In CoIDE, CoOS is also a component, user can add CoOS source code to their project only by clicking CoOS component and then could use it by modifying task number, stack, system clock frequency and other corresponding configurations in the OS_Config.h configuration file according to their project. By viewing and trying the CoOS examples offered under Example window, anyone can easily achieve the application programming of CoOS.


    CoCenter is a software management platform designed specially for CooCox series software downloading, installing, upgrade and uninstall, supporting multi-task operation and HTTP. Users who want to upgrade CooCox software only need to download the patch CooCox software without re-downloading a huge installation package.



    CooCox CoAssistant is a register assistant which could be used conveniently online. It is specially supplied for ARM Cortex M4, M3 and M0 embedded hardware and software development engineers.  It could be used to develop chips for chip developers and be used as chip manual for chip users; It will intuitively present the MCU register details after selecting a certain processor. Developers can easily configure the related peripheral registers without reading chip manuals. User can also share their experiences about peripheral or registers with the other users by adding comments to the registers.


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    Key Features

    Features for CoIDE:

    • Free to use
    • Full functional IDE
    • Component-oriented development platform
    • Internet-based, efficient integration of network resources
    • Integrates CoOS
    • Peripheral registers

    Features for CoFlash:

    • Free
    • ARM Cortex-M MCUs supported
    • User-defined flash program algorithm supported
    • Intuitive user interface with GUI and Command line mode
    • Image file (currently .bin or .elf ) supported
    • Keep user's last configuration

    Features for CoLinkEx:

    • Free
    • Supports Cortex M devices
    • Supports SW debugging
    • Supports JTAG debugging
    • Supports CoFlash, CoIDE, MDK and IAR

    Features for CoOS:

    • Free and open real-time Operating System
    • Specially designed for Cortex-M series
    • Scalable, minimum system kernel is only 974Bytes
    • Adaptive Task Scheduling Algorithm.
    • Supports preemptive priority and round-robin
    • Interrupt latency is next to 0
    • Stack overflow detection option
    • Semaphore, Mutex, Flag, Mailbox and Queue for communication & synchronisation
    • Supports the platforms of ICCARM, ARMCC, GCC

    Features for CoAssistant:

    • Free
    • Applicable wherever a browser is available
    • Quickly translates each bit field and shows the result while inputting register value in CoAssistant.
    • The configuration of bit fields can be completed just by mouse-clicking and you could acquire the value of a 32-bit register with little effort.
    • Editable that all users could edit the registers, including add, edit and  delete.


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    Licensing & System Req.

    CooCox Developemnt tool is a free development tool and available for business use as well for ARM Cortex-M MCU  based microcontroller.


    Minimum System Requirements:

    CooCox runs on a computer having basic configuration with any of the following windows opeating system: Windows XP SP3/Windows Vista/Windows 7.


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    Debuggers and Programmers

    CooCox Colink:

    Colink is a small ARM Cortex MCU JTAG hardware debugging probe. It directly supports CoIDE and  CoFlash, and integrates seamlessly into IAR Embedded Workbench and  Keil RealView MDK.


    CooCox CoLinkEx:

    CoLinkEx is a hardware debugging adapter which supports SW debugging and supports both ARM Cortex M devices, it supports debugging in CooCox software and Keil Realview MDK.



    You can build your own CoLink & CoLinkEx emulator, anyone can download ColinkEx’s SCH, PCB, BOMList and Firmware from below links to do it yourself. The solution is also free for business users.


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    Technical Documents

    Learning Center
    User GuideCooCox: User Guide for CooCox CoIDE Development Tool
    User GuideCooCox: User Guide for CooCox CoOS Operating System
    User ManualEmbest: User Guide for ColinkEX V1.1


    Design Elements
    Application LibraryEmbest: DIY (Do It Yourself) Material for CoLink Hardware Adapter
    Application LibraryEmbest: DIY (Do It Yourself) Material for CoLinkEx Hardware Adapter


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    ProductDownload Link
    CoCenter V1.4.9 [CooCox management software designed to help download, install & upgrade all the CooCox components from one location]Download 1.7MB

    CoIDE V1.7.5

    Download 275.3MB
    CoOS V1.1.4Download 664KB
    CoFlash V1.4.6Download 1.9MB
    CoSmart V1.2.4Download 77.3MB
    Colink Plugin for Keil RealView MDK V1.4.2Download 787KB
    Colink Plugin for IAR Workbench V1.2.3Download 481KB
    CoLinkEx USB Drivers V1.2.0 (Windows XP/Vista/7 32-Bit)Download 15.4MB
    ColinkEx USB Driver V1.2.1 (Windows XP/Vista/7 32-Bit/ 64 Bit)Download 15.3MB


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