Version 2

    The European Commission has begun its work on the RoHS impact study being carried out on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive (2011/65/EU)  in electrical and electronic equipment.

    As part of this review the product scope is expected to be widened, including new product categories that were previously excluded. Examples would include:

    Category 7-toys leisure and sports equipment now includes “toys with minor electrical function” such as talking teddy bears.

    Category 11 (new) –other electrical and electronic equipment includes “clothes with electrical function” including heated clothing and lifejackets.

    Category 4-consumer equipment now includes “furniture with an electrical function” such as reclining beds and chairs.

    Category 1- large household appliances now includes gas hobs, ovens and heaters as well as grills, water heaters and a wood or oil burning aga.

    The study also includes analysis around RoHS concentration limits as concerns have been raised that they are too restrictive especially when applied to coatings and very small components. This could have a significant effect on industry, in particular manufacturers.

    The consultation is on-going.





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