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    IPC 600 sets the standard for PCB workmanship, with comprehensive acceptance criteria for target, acceptable and non-conforming conditions on bare printed boards.



    Almost everything electronic gets soldered onto a printed circuit board. If there is a problem with the board then dozens, or even hundreds, of expensive electronic components are wasted, together with the associated manufacturing time.



    If you manufacture circuit boards and want to ensure your customers receive the highest quality, fault-free boards, or if you make electronic assemblies and want to spot PCB problems at ‘goods inwards’ rather than during production, then this standard is essential for your company.



    Electronics Yorkshire offer certification in this industry-developed and approved IPC PCB training programme while helping to build your employees’ understanding of critical quality assurance / visual acceptance criteria for unpopulated printed circuit boards. It also shows your customers that your company is committed to the continuous improvement of its operations and product quality.



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