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    7 March 2012 12:19pm CST


    What’s the difference between 83T7306 (Mfr PN: RASPBRRY-CHIPSET) and 83T1943 (RASPBRRY-PCBA)?

    One is just the chipset while the other is the model B board.


    Will any models support more than 1 Ethernet port? 

    Developer has not released any information concerning this.


    Is the Linux OS included with the Raspberry PI?

    No, however it’s downloadable through the element 14 community site.



    Is there a hard case for the Raspberry PI? 

    No official case has been released.


    How will 10 units perform when set up as a parallel processing cluster?

    We have no information about this application.  Please see developer’s FAQ site for more information



    Will other operating systems be compatible with the Raspberry PI?

    We don't have any information from the developer at this time.  However; some third parties look to be developing compatible operating systems on their own.   We've been able to find the following but we are sure there is more.


    What is the minimum size required for Fedora or Debian Linux Install?

    2GB is the minimum space required for OS installation; however, 4GB cards are recommended.



    Can the Raspberry PI handle any capacity SD card or is there a limit?

    At least 2GB capacity is needed for the operating system.  The developer has tested cards up to 32GB and they seem to work ok.


    Is the audio jack on the raspberry board a 2.5mm or 3.5mm jack?

    3.5mm jack.  Please see the technical documentation for further details


    What are the dimensions and weight for the model B board?

    It measures 85.60mm x 53.98mm x 17mm. The connectors and SD card do extend beyond the edges of the board. The Raspberry Pi weighs approximately 45g.


    Are the pre-loaded SD cards available?

    The preloaded SD cards are in development and haven't been released as of March 6th.



    What is the serial cable that’s mentioned in the quick start guide?

    The information available to date does not show Raspberry PI as having a serial port.  The UART interface pins on the GPIO header can be used but will require conversion to RS232.