Version 9

    We frequently see posts or receive email questions from our members regarding how email notifications work, and how to change settings. Below is some information on how notifications work on the site, and what options you have to manage them. Hopefully this will help all of you to get the information you want, but also be able to reduce the amount of messages you get from element14 if they are unwanted.


    Please note: element14 does not send you updates except for things you have signed up to receive, or that your settings indicate you wish to receive.

    Also, element14 is a global community, so members post in many languages. We now offer the ability to filter email notifications by language, so if you're signed up to get email alerts for a particular group you now also have the ability to specify that you only wish to receive notifications that are in certain languages.


    Quick Tips:

    - check the "Actions" menu (on the right) on any piece of content/group to start or stop notifications

    - Under "My Account" preferences --> Email preferences (click to go there) for many options to manage your notifications

    - go to "Manage Email Preferences" in the Actions menu on your profile to see a list of everything you are currently signed up to receive

      (to get there, replace the "username" in this url with your actual user name:

    - if you'd like to unsubscribe from everything then you can now use this form:


    Email Notification Preferences - Detail


    There are two kinds of notifications on the site, and they are managed in two places. First, you can control what notifications you get on content that you create. By default the site notifies you whenever other members comment on or respond to content you have created. To get there, go to the My Account drop down and select "Preferences". On your Preferences, select the "Email Notification Preferences" tab (see below).



    You can see here that receiving notifications on content you create, or that users respond to that you have created is defaulted to "Yes" but you can change any of these settings to "No".


    At the bottom of the Email Preferences screen, there are two options to which I want to draw your attention.

    1) Include body content in watch email - this includes the content that the member has posted in the email that you receive. If you set this to No you will only get the title and link to the content rather than seeing the full content in the email message.


    2) Send me an email summary. This sends you an update weekly, twice a week, or daily that aggregates the details of activities on your content. It also includes your status updates if any, and some tips/tricks on how the site works.


    At the bottom of this Email Notifications Preferences page is where you can specify whether you wish to receive notifications for content only in a specific language or languages. Place a check in the box for each language for which you wish to receive notifications of new content (this does not impact which areas/spaces of the site you receive notifications - that is set separately. See below).




    Actions Menu - Detail


    The other way you get notifications from element14 is if you subscribe to get email alerts on specific pieces of content or in specific spaces and groups on the site.

    In the screen shot below you can see a particular review that I am reading. On the right hand side, in the Actions box, is an option to "Receive email notifications". You will see this option in the Actions box when on specific content, or in particular groups, etc. If you click this link, you will then be signed up to receive notifications for that item.



    This option - to either receive email notifications or to STOP receiving email notifications (once you're signed up to receive them) is available in the actions menu on EVERY piece of content and in every group and space of the site.


    Manage Email Notifications - Detail


    If you can't remember all the places where we've signed up to receive notifications, we've given you a single place to view and manage them all.


    On your Profile, in the Actions box on the right, there is an option to "Manage Email Notifications". If you click that option, you'll get to the Email Notifications screen (as shown below).


    Profile Actions box looks like this:ProfileActions.jpg



    In Your Email Notifications, you can Filter to see the notifications on have on any specific type of content - including Discussions, Documents, Blogs, Groups, etc. or you can see them all.


    If you wish to remove a particular subscription, simple click the check box to the right of it, and click "Remove Selected Notifications". You can even click the checkbox at the top (to the right of Date) to select all items on a particular screen.


    The goal of element14 is to provide you with information you find both useful and necessary. Some of you may find getting notified via email on certain topics or areas useful, but others may wish to limit or remove notifications completely.


    Please feel free to post your comments here on ways we can further improve the way notifications work on the site.