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    KEMI, the Swedish Chemicals Agency, has conducted a report into chemical legislation in the European Union.


    It has concluded that despite a large number of directives and regulations being passed in the past 10 years, there are still ‘gaps and opportunities for improvement’.


    Key findings and suggestions from the report are as follows:

    • Integrating rules on chemicals, articles and waste in a lifecycle perspective in a new EU strategy,
    • Developing EU legislation on pharmaceuticals to include environmental aspects, such as resistance to antibiotics and disturbance of the hormonal system more efficiently when testing and producing pharmaceuticals,
    • Improving environmental inspections and environmental monitoring within the EU,
    • Elaborating a plan of action to handle risks connected with organic fluorinated substances,
    • Improving the protection of children by assuring that articles children come in contact with are safe,
    • Introducing new EU rules on chemicals in textiles,
    • Strengthening the information requirements for low volume chemicals in the REACH regulation and developing it to improve risk management with regard to groups of substances.


    What do you think about the findings of the KEMI report? Does current regulation on chemicals fall short of what is required? Let us know.


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