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    Last updated 27-03-2012




    As we gear up to receive and ship our first batch of Raspberry Pi’s to distribute the Model B $35 boards globally, (subject to final decisions on the compliance testing), we wanted to update our global pricing FAQ with answers to the many questions we’ve seen posted and asked of our customer service agents.  In particular, we wanted to correct the unforgivable omission of Italy and the delivery charges made in error in Australia.  


    Thanks again for all your questions that have helped us to clarify our Pricing FAQ.  Please be assured that all orders will be charged at the price shown on the grid below.   However, if you’ve been quoted a lower price when you ordered, we will of course honour that lower price. 


    The Pricing Grid explained:

    The column labelled “Price (including delivery but excluding tax) shows exactly that – it shows in the local currency, the price of the Raspberry Pi plus delivery charges.  Where it is easy to do so, we have added the local sales tax.   The last column labelled “Total Price” is the price that you will be charged.  However, some countries, like the USA, have sales taxes that vary by state.  In this case, we have included an email address where you can email to ask the final price for you.  We hope this is clearer for our customers and as always appreciate feedback and suggestions to improve.



    Price (including delivery but excluding tax)

    Sales Tax

    Total Price  (inc. Sales tax)




    UK £


    £4.91 (VAT)


    EU £ Credit Card Transactions (UK VAT Chargeable)

    Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden




    £5.45 (UK VAT)



    EU £ Credit Card Transactions (Local VAT Chargeable)

    Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia

    Greece, Ireland, Poland


















    Other European £ Credit Card Transactions

    Norway, Switzerland, Turkey

    Russia, Israel





    Plus import VAT and duty that may be payable





    Price includes duty, brokerage charges but exclude local taxes





    Subject to local state / provincial taxes & regulations – (please contact for details)







    Au$ 38.00




    RMB 265

    RMB 39.95

    RMB 304.95

    Hong Kong

    HK$ 309


    HK$ 309


    Rupee 2550

    Subject to applicable national and local taxes and input duty


    Won 70050


    MYR 145


    MYR 145

    New Zealand

    NZ$ 48.26

    NZ$ 7.24

    NZ$ 55.50


    SG$ 55.00

    SG$ 3.15

    SG$ 58.15


    Baht 1492.50

    Baht 103.95

    Baht 1596.45

    Rest of World


    Subject to destination, delivery, tax and duty will be confirmed at point of order



    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Last updated 27-03-2012


    1. Why are you showing the prices in GBP and not Euros?

    We will be handling all consumer transactions in Europe through the UK business.  Therefore, the card transactions will be taken in GBP.  This is the payment set up by our current card processing capability. We have therefore shown customers the price in the currency which they will be charged (ie GBP £ and not Euros €).  On their card statement, the customers will then see the transaction translated by their card company.

    2. Does this apply to all credit card/debit card charges?

    Our thanks to jDavidgea, who helped pinpoint an error in our original statement.  The original statement read  “This simplified pricing structure will apply to all credit/debit card orders placed with us and includes those from customers who have already registered their interest or intent to buy from any of the element14/Premier Farnell Group of companies....”.   There were a few systems in different countries that were pinpointed that carried errors.  We’ve since corrected the error and soon we will be able to take consumer credit card orders from all European countries thanks to our new export website that is going live.  This means an end to the sales to businesses only.  


    3.  What happened to Greece, Southern Cyprus and Italy?

    For the purposes of our pricing and deliveries, Greece and Southern Cyprus are charged at EU prices (VAT rates differ according to which countries they’re VAT registered).




    Last updated   11-March 2012

    1. Why have you changed your prices now?

    The incredible demand for Raspberry Pi and discussions with our thousands of customers has highlighted the need to our pricing and to be transparent about any additional charges that happen because of deliveries and as a global distributor put these in local currency wherever possible to help our customers. We want to make our pricing globally transparent in keeping with our commitment to make the Raspberry Pi Board accessible to all at a base price no higher than $35 per board. By changing our prices now, we can ensure that all customers have the benefit of the new pricing structure.


    2. I placed my order at a higher price. What does this mean for me?

    Your order will be charged at the new, lower price automatically.  You do not need to take any action.


    3. I placed my order at a lower price. What does this mean for me?

    We will honour the lower price you were previously quoted. You do not need to take any action.


    4. I am a trade customer, not paying by credit/debit card. What prices will I pay now?

    Customers who have a trade account with us at any of the element 14 / Premier Farnell companies will be able to buy the Raspberry Pi model B along with their normal purchases in their own country, either on-line or via their local contact centres. Prices for these customers will be list price net of delivery or local sales tax as these vary for our trade account customers.


    5. Your web site is still showing the old price? What should I do?

    We have been working all weekend to get all of our local country websites updated without impacting customers, so there may be a few changes not yet finalised. Please bear with us. We didn’t want to take our websites down to make these updates and so it is taking us a little longer but all orders placed from now on will ship at the new price we promise!

    6. If I order other accessories at the same time will I pay additional shipping on those items?

    Accessories that are ordered and shipped with your Raspberry Pi Model B will not incur any additional shipping charges to those already quoted for delivery of your Raspberry Pi.