Version 2

    element14 and Freescale have joined forces to bring you XL_STAR : full evaluation, development and programming solution for low power 8 bits MCU and sensing applications.


    Save £69 with debugging and programming features embedded in this low cost board for all Freescale 8 bits MCUs.  XL Star allow you to evaluate any Freescale 8 bits MCU. It also allow you to entirely develop and debug your application based on HCS08 MM128 or any derivatives.It also includes an installation CD containing the CodeWarrior IDE and sample project that lets you explore the built-in demo. Used in conjunction with the on-board Open Source BDM Interface, XL_STAR is supported by a fully functional programming, trace, and debug environment up to 64K of object code at no additional charge. As this board also includes a 3-axis accelerometer MMA8451QTMMA8451QT, you can as well  evaluate the motion features of one of these compelling Freescale products (also exist as MMA8452QR1MMA8452QR1 and MMA8453 with different resolution) and get software drivers source code for reuse in your own application.




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