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    The ColdFire® V2 core is based on a memory-configurable hierarchical architecture that is 100 percent synthesizable and specifically designed for reuse and ease of integration into custom designs. The core supports up to 166 MHz of performance on a 0.13 µm process using a single-issue, standard cell-based design with 32-bit address and data buses and an integrated debug module. The core uses a variable length RISC architecture that allows instructions to be 16, 32, or 48 bits in length. The result is more efficiently packed code in memory, reducing memory requirements and lowering overall system cost.


    Standard Product Platform–SPP

    To help designers decrease time to market, Freescale has packaged the 68K/ColdFire V2 core architecture into a standard product platform. The SPP is a set of tested and previously deployed subsystems and peripherals easily used to build large, complex systems.SPP Features• V2 ColdFire core—100–160 MHz


    Key Features


    ColdFire V2  Architectural Features:


    • Variable-length RISC, clock multiplied core
    • Independent, decoupled pipelines Two-stage instruction fetch pipeline (IFP) Two-stage operand execution pipeline (OEP) FIFO instruction buffer is the decoupling mechanism
    • 16 user-accessible, 32-bit wide general purpose registers
    • 32-bit data bus
    • 32-bit address bus supporting a 4 Gigabyte linear addressing range
    • Sophisticated two-level branch acceleration mechanisms minimize change-of-flow execution time
    • Background debug module (BDM), real-time trace (RTT) and real-time debug (RTD) support
    • Binary object code compatibility across the entire 68K/ColdFire family
    • Enhanced multiply-accumulate (EMAC) execute engine provides high-speed signal processing capabilities with four 40-bit accumulators and single-cycle instruction issue rate on 32 x 32 +_ 32 MAC operations
    • Vector base register to relocate the exception-vector table
    • 100 percent synthesizable and technology-independent designs
    • Implementation
      • Fully synthesizable, retargetable core
      • 166 MHz, 160 Dhry 2.1 MIPS (0.13 um)
      • ~50k gates for V2 core only


    Standard Product Platform–SPP features:

    • V2 ColdFire core—100–160 MHz
    • EMAC module, HW divide
    • AXBS (multi AHB crossbar switch) connects multiple masters with various slave IP blocks
    • External bus interface (16- or 32-bit)
    • DFT emphasis for SoC functional fault coverage and test
    • Muxed DFF rising-edge clocked design
    • Static timing analysis
    • Range of cache and local memory sizes, pipeline options
    • Integrated peripherals 10/100 Fast Ethernet controller with DMA QSPI I2C Three UARTs DMA Chip selects, general-purpose I/Os Four 32-bit timers World-class background debug module
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    Development Tools


    Software Development Tools:


    Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription
    IDEFreescaleCodeWarriorAll Freescale MCU's

    Freescale's software and development solutions take you beyond the silicon, helping to bring your embedded applications to life.  Learn More

    RTOSFreescaleMQXColdFire / HC08 / HC12 / ARM / S08 / RS08 / PowerPC

    The Freescale MQX Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) provides real-time performance within a small, configurable footprint. This RTOS is designed to allow you to configure and balance code size with performance requirements. Learn More

    RTOSMicriumuC/OS IIIColdFire / HC08 / HC12 / ARM / S08 / RS08 / PowerPC

    μC/OS-III is Micrium’s newest RTOS, designed for developers who need to save time on their current and next embedded sytem projects. Using a commercial real-time kernel such as μC/OS-III provides a solid foundation and framework to the design engineer dealing with the growing complexity of embedded designs.  Learn More

    RTOSSeggerembOSColdFire / HC08 / HC12 / ARM / S08 / RS08

    SEGGER embOS (Real Time Operating System) follows strict, yet efficient coding and documentation standards. embOS is a priority-controlled real time operating system, designed to be used as foundation for the development of embedded real-time applications.  Learn More

















    Hardware Development Tools:


    Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription
    Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsFreescaleU-MULTILINKU-MULTILINKHC08 / HCS12 / S08 / RS08 / Coldfire / KinetisP&E USB Multilink Universal debug and programming interface for HCS08, HC(S)12(X), ColdFire, Qorivva MPC55xx/56xx, and Kinetis
    Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsFreescaleUSBMLCFUSBMLCFColdfire V2/V3/V4USB BDM Interface cable for the ColdFire V2/V3/V4


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    • Connectivity
    • Consumer
    • Industrial
    • Medical/Healthcare
    • Motor Control

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    Kits & Evaluation Modules

    ColdFire V2 MCUs
    Part NumberCore ArchitectureSilicon FamilyDescription
    FSLBOTFSLBOTColdfire V2MCF52259FSLBOT - Mechatronic Robot Development Kit
    M52235EVBM52235EVBColdfire V2MCF52235M52235EVB Evaluation Board for MCF5223X Microcontrollers
    M52259DEMOKITM52259DEMOKITColdfire V2MCF5225xM52259DEMOKIT Demonstration Board Kit for MCF5225x
    TWR-MCF5225XTWR-MCF5225XColdfire V2MCF5225XTower System Coldfire® V2 MCF5225X Connectivity Module
    TWR-MCF5225X-KITTWR-MCF5225X-KITColdfire V2MCF5225XTower System Coldfire® V2 MCF5225X Connectivity Module with Elevator Module (TWR-ELEV) & Serial Module (TWR-SER)


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