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    Cortex-M3 Overview


    he ARM Cortex™-M3 processor is the industry-leading 32-bit processor for highly deterministic real-time applications and has been specifically developed to enable partners to develop high-performance low-cost platforms for a broad range of devices including microcontrollers, automotive body systems, industrial control systems and wireless networking and sensors. The processor delivers outstanding computational performance and exceptional system response to events while meeting the challenges of low dynamic and static power constraints. The processor is highly configurable enabling a wide range of implementations from those requiring memory protection and powerful trace technology through to extremely cost sensitive devices requiring minimal area.


    Delivering higher performance and richer features

    Introduced in 2004 and recently updated with new technologies and configurability, the Cortex-M3 is the mainstream ARM processor developed specifically with microcontroller applications in mind.


    Performance and Energy Efficiency

    With high performance and low dynamic power consumption the Cortex-M3 processor delivers leading power efficiency 12.5 DMIPS/mW based on 90nmG. Coupled with integrated sleep modes and optional state retention capabilities the Cortex-M3 processor ensures there is no compromise for applications requiring low power and excellent performance.


    Full featured

    The processor executes Thumb®-2 instruction set for optimal performance and code size, including hardware division, single cycle multiply, and bit-field manipulation. The Cortex-M3 NVIC is highly configurable at design time to deliver up to 240 system interrupts with individual priorities, dynamic reprioritization and integrated system clock.


    Rich connectivity

    The combination of features and performance enables Cortex-M3 based devices to efficiently handle with multiple I/O channels and protocol standards such as USB OTG(On-TheGO).




    ARM Cortex-M3 Features

    ISA Support

    Thumb® / Thumb-2



    Performance Efficiency

    2.17 CoreMark/MHz  -  1.25 DMIPS/MHz

    Memory Protection

    Optional 8 region MPU with sub regions and background   region


    Non-maskable Interrupt (NMI) + 1 to 240   physical interrupts

    Interrupt Priority Levels

    8 to 256 priority levels

    Wake-up Interrupt Controller

    Up to 240 Wake-up Interrupts

    Sleep Modes

    Integrated WFI and WFE Instructions and Sleep On Exit   capability.

    Sleep & Deep Sleep Signals.

    Optional Retention Mode with ARM Power Management Kit

    Bit Manipulation

    Integrated Instructions & Bit Banding

    Enhanced Instructions

    Hardware Divide (2-12 Cycles), Single-Cycle (32x32)   Multiply, Saturated Math Support.


    Optional JTAG & Serial-Wire Debug Ports. Up to 8   Breakpoints and 4 Watchpoints.


    Optional Instruction Trace (ETM),  Data Trace (DWT),   and Instrumentation Trace (ITM)



    ARM Overview.pngknode.pngARM Dev Kits.png