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    Baseline 8-bit PIC® MCUs (PIC10, PIC12, PIC16)

    PIC microcontrollers are finding their way into new applications like smart phones, audio accessories,video gaming peripherals and advanced medical devices. Microchip provides solutions for the entire performance range of 8-bit microcontrollers, with easy-to-use development tools, complete technical documentation and post design-in support through a global sales and distribution network.The 8-bit family power management features mean it can be used in many power sensitive applications. Active current consumption as low as 35 uA/MHz; sleep currents as small as 9nA for long standby times and battery life as long as 20 years coupled with flexible power and wake up modes,peripheral operation down to 1.8V.


    A positive feature of this family is its ability to reuse code because of its common architecture and pin compatibility ascending through the family. It also has a wide range of integrated peripherals to choose from within the range of – currently – 325 devices. When it comes to display and HID devices, the family provides a range of options to drive segmented LCDs, and capacitive touch buttons. Microchip is known for its development tools, and they started with this family. A range of free IDEs and C compilers gets you writing code for your 8-bit PIC project straightaway.


    Mid-Range 8-bit PIC® MCUs (PIC12, PIC16)

    Mid-Range PIC Microcontrollers are the next tier in performance and features from Microchip’s Baseline PIC microcontrollers. Utilizing a 14-bit instruction word, these peripheral-rich devices are ideal for multi-dimensional applications that require a higher level of embedded control, yet with only 35 instructions to learn, achieving optimum system performance remains straightforward. This family features an instruction set consisting of just 35 (14-bit wide) instructions, 8K word (or 14KB) of addressable program memory, 46 bytes of RAM (maximum), 8 level hardware stack, 1 (9-bit) file select register, hardware interrupt handling, and a highly integrated feature set including EEPROM, LCD, mTouch™ sensing solutions and serial communications.


    Microchip Enhanced Mid-Range 8-bit PIC® MCUs (PIC12FXXX, PIC16F1XX)

    Microchip continues to invest in its 8-bit PIC Microcontroller line to provide a broad product portfolio that meets the needs of existing and future costumers. The new Enhanced Mid-Range core builds upon the best elements of the Mid-Range core and provides additional performance, while maintaining compatibility with Mid-Range PIC MCUs for true product migration.


    This family features an instruction set consisting of 49 (14-bit wide) instructions, 32K word (or 56KB) of addressable program memory, 4K of RAM (maximum), 16 level hardware stack, 2 (16-bit) file select registers, hardware interrupt handling with content save, and an advanced feature set, multiple serial communications and motor control capability.


    Microchip PIC18 8-bit PIC® MCUs

    The PIC18 family combines the maximum level of performance and integration with the ease-of-use of an 8-bit architecture. With up to 16 MIPS of processing power, PIC18 Microcontrollers feature advanced peripherals, such as CAN, USB, Ethernet, LCD and CTMU. The family is split into two – the PIC18 “J” series, which is deigned for high memory density, cost sensitive applications, and the PIC18 “J” series, providing the highest performance with benchmark nanoWatt XLP extremely low power consumption. This family features an instruction set consisting of 83 (16-bit wide) powerful, C optimised instructions, up to 2MB addressable program memory, 4K of RAM (maximum), 32 level hardware stack, 1 (8-bit) file select register, integrated 8x8 hardware multiply, high performance 8-bit architecture.

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    Key Features


    FeaturesBaseline ArchitectureMid-Range ArchitectureEnhanced Mid-Range ArchitecturePIC18 Architecture
    FamiliesPIC10, PIC12, PIC16PIC12, PIC16PIC12FXXX, PIC16F1XXPIC18
    Pin Count6-408-648-6418-100
    InterruptsNoSingle interrupt capabilitySingle interrupt capability with hardware context saveMultiple interrupt capability with hardware context save
    Performance5 MIPS5 MIPS8 MIPSUp to 16 MIPS
    Instructions33, 12-bit35, 14-bit49, 14-bit83, 16-bit
    Program MemoryUp to 3 KBUp to 14 KBUp to 28 KBUp to 128 KB
    Data MemoryUp to 138 BytesUp to 368 BytesUp to 1,5 KBUp to 4 KB
    Hardware Stack2 level8 level16 level32 level
    Key Features


    • Comparator
    • 8-bit ADC
    • Data Memory
    • Internal Oscillator

    In addition to Baseline:

    • SPI/I²C™
    • UART
    • PWMs
    • LCD
    • 10-bit ADC
    • Op Amp


    In addition to Mid-Range:

    • Multiple Communication Peripherals
    • Linear Programming Space
    • PWMs with Independent Time Base

    In addition to Enhanced Mid-Range:

    • 8x8 Hardware Multiplier
    • CAN
    • CTMU
    • USB
    • Ethernet
    • 12-bit ADC
    HighlightsLowest cost in the smallest form factorOptimal cost to performance ratioCost effective with more performance and memoryHigh performance, optimized for C programming, advanced peripherals
    Total Number of Devices165829193

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    Development Tools


    Software Development Tools:


    Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription

    MPLAB IDE for all Microchip platforms. Learn More





    Hardware Development Tools:


    Tool TypeSupplierMPNSupported FamilyDescription
    Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsMicrochipDV244005DV244005PIC/dsPICMPLAB REAL ICE In-Circuit-Emulator
    Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsMicrochipDV164035DV164035PIC/dsPICMPLAB ICD 3 In-Circuit-Debugger
    Debuggers, Emulators & JTAG ToolsMicrochipPG164130PG164130PIC/dsPICMPLAB PICkit 3 Debugger Programmer


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    • Design Solutions
      • Battery Management
      • EMC Design
      • Low Power
    • Human Interface
      • mTouch™ Sensing Solutions
      • Segmented LCD Solutions
    • Connectivity
      • Wireless
      • USB
      • Ethernet
      • CAN
    • Market Specific
      • Automotive
      • KEELOQ®
      • Lighting
      • Motor Control

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    Kits & Evaluation Modules

    PIC10/PIC12/PIC16/PIC18 8-bit PIC MCUs
    Part NumberCore ArchitectureSilicon FamilyDescription
    DV164101DV164101PIC12PIC12F6xxPICkit 1 Flash Starter Kit
    DV164132DV164132PIC12 / PIC16PIC12F1xxx / PIC16F1xxxF1 Evaluation Platform for Enhanced Mid-range PIC microcontrollers (PIC12F1xxx/PIC16F1xxx)

    PIC16 / PIC18

    PIC16F8xxx / PIC18F4xxx

    MPLAB ICD 3 Evaluation Kit (with PICDEM 2 Plus)

    DV164122DV164122PIC16PIC16F886PICkit Serial Analyzer
    Amicus18Amicus18PIC18PIC18FxxKxxPIC18F25K20 (Amicus18) Based Eval Board
    DM163024DM163024PIC18ENC28J60 / 2 Development Board

    MPLAB® Starter Kit for PIC18F MCUs

    DM182015-1DM182015-1PIC18PIC18F46J502.4 GHz MRF24J40 8-bit Wireless Development Kit
    DM183032DM183032PIC18PIC18F8xxx / PIC18FxxJxx

    PIC18 Explorer Board


    PIC18F8722 / PIC18F87J11-I/PTPIC18F87J11-I/PT

    Development Kit for PIC18 Family MCUs

    PIC18F26J50 EVK Flowcode Development Kit


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