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    Texas Instruments has been an active innovator in the 16-bit, 32-bit and DSP markets for a number of years. Their 16- and 32-bit fixed- and floating-point processors include ARM based processors Stellaris® Cortex-M3™, ARM9™ family and Cortex-A8 processor-based microprocessors (Sitara ARM MPUs), DaVinci™ video processors, OMAP™ mobile applications processors, digital signal processors (DSP) and microcontrollers (MCUs).






    Microcontrollers (MCU)


    16- Bit Ultra Low Power MCU


    MSP430: Low cost, low power consumption, and general purpose 16-bit MCU for use in embedded applications.



    • Up to 25MHz
    • Flash 1KB to 256KB
    • Analog I/O, ADC, LCD, USB
    • Measurement, sensing, general purpose


    32-Bit Real Time MCUs


    • C2000™
      • TMS320C2xxx: 16 and 32 bit MCU family optimized for real-time control applications, including the C24X sub-family, a 16-bit, fixed point, 20 to 40 MHz; and the C28X sub-family, a 32-bit, fixed or floating point, 100 to 150 MHz processor.
    • Delfino™
    • Piccolo


    • 40MHz to 300MHz
    • Flash, RAM 16KB to 512KB
    • PWM, ADC, CAN, SPI, I2C
    • Motor control, digital power, lighting, renewable energy



    ARM-Based Processors

    32-Bit ARM MCU

    • Tiva™ C Series Cortex™-M4
    • TMS570 Cortex™-R4
    • RM4 Cortex™-R4F
      • Up to 80 MHz
      • Flash 64 KB to 256 KB
      • Motion control, HMI, industrial automation


    32-Bit ARM Processors for Performance Application


    • Sitara™ Cortex™-A8 and ARM9™
    • KeyStone™ Cortex™-A15 and Cortex™-A15 + DSP
      • Value line to 600 MHz Perf. line to 1.5GHz
      • Up to 32KB I/D cache 256 KB L2, LPDDR, DDR2/3 support
      • USB 3.0 +PHY, Gigabit Ethernet MAC, PCIe+PHY, SATA+PHY, CAN, PRU-ICSS, 3D graphics, touchscreen
      • Industrial automation, retail applications/point-of sale, HMI (Human Machine Interface), smart grid, home and building automation.


    Application Processors


    OMAP™ Processors with Cortex™-A8, A9 and A15

    • Up to 1.7 GHz
    • Up to 32KB i/D L1 caches and 2 MB L2 cache
    • USB2/3, eMMC, SD/MMC, I2S, SPI, UART, HDMI, SATA, multiple camera, multiple display
    • Automotive, industrial automation, enterprise and mobile consumer


    Digital Signal Processors (DSP)

    Single Core DSP


    • C6000™ Power Optimized
    • C5000™ Ultra Low Power
    • Up to 1.5 GHz Floating DSP + Video Accelerators + FFT Accelerators
    • L2 Cache mDDR, DDR2/DDR3 Up to 320 KB RAM Up to 256 KB ROM
    • USB 2.0 +PHY, Gb EMAC, PCIe+PHY, SATA+PHY, CAN, PRU ADC, SPI McBSP, I2C, LCD, On-chip regulators
    • Portable audio/voice, fprint biometrics, portable medical, video, security, conferencing, test and measurement

    Multicore DSP

    • KeyStone Multicore
    • KeyStone Multicore DSP+ARM
    • C6000™ Multicore
      • Up to 15GHz Multicore, fixed/floating+Accelerators
      • Up to 4 MB SL2, 32 KB L1, 1MB L2
      • C66x DSP, ARM® Cortex™-A15, RapidIO, PCIe, 10GigE, USB 3.0, Hyperlink, DDR3, NetCP
      • Machine vision: camera, video broadcasting & infrastructure, ultrasound system, currency counter, telecom, medical, mission critical, base stations