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    32 bit Real-time C2000™ Microcontrollers

    C2000 devices are 32 bit microcontrollers with high performance integrated peripherals designed for real-time control applications. Its math-optimized core gives designers the means to improve system efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. Powerful integrated peripherals make C2000 devices the perfect single-chip control solution. C2000's development tools strategy and software (controlSUITE) create an open platform with the goal of maximizing usability and minimizing development time.



    TMS320 C2000 series consists of two families: C240x, an older 16-bit line that is no longer recommended for new development and the C28xx 32-bit line. The newer C28xx family consists of a Delfino high-performance floating point line and a low-cost Piccolo line. The C2000 series is notable for its high performance set of on-chip control peripherals including PWM, ADC, quadrature encoder modules, and capture modules. The series also contains support for I²C, SPI, serial (SCI), CAN, watchdog, external memory interface and GPIO.


    Due to features like PWM waveform synchronization with the ADC unit, the C2000 line is well suited to many real-time control applications. The C2000 family commonly used for digital motor control and power conversion. A line of low cost kits for digital power, renewable energy and digital motor control allow experimentation with the MCU.


    C2000 Key Applications

    • Digital power
    • Digital motor control
    • Renewable energy
    • Power line communications
    • Lighting
    • Automotive
    • Precision sensing and control



















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    ti overview.pngknode.pngti dev kits.png