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    Raspberry Pi - element14, the place to be on Pi Day March 14th.

    The place to be on
    Pi Day 3.14


    Have you heard Pi Day is around the corner on 14th March (3.14)?  At element14, we've cooked up something special for it. A Raspberry RoadTest and we will announce the winner on  Pi day.


    Don't know what  the buzz is about? We have Technical Documents, Tutorials and free operating systems to download to help you. 


    The computing revolution starts here.

    Member of the Month - Billabot Project Icarus - Help us launch a satellite into space. Share with a friend
                  Member of the Month                         Project Icarus

    Share with a friend

            Billabott from Montgomery, Alabama USA has been a software engineer for 30 years. Do you have what it takes to launch a satellite into low earth orbit? Solve our design challenge. Don't let your friends miss the computing revolution. Why not send them an invite to join the element14 Community?
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    element14 is a brand of Premier Farnell. Its three regional distribution brands are Farnell element14 in Europe, Newark element14 in North America and element14 in Asia Pacific. We are the leading global high service distributor of technology products, services and solutions, and the first to offer a dedicated engineering community. As we evolve, our focus remains the same—to provide complete engineering solutions that make it easy for customers to keep their projects on track, right from the start.    




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