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    Type of law/referenceIn effect?SubjectProducts covered / Requirements
    FEDERAL HR 2420 – Environmental Design of Electrical Equipment Act (EDEE Act)PendingRestriction of hazardous substancesRestricts heavy metal and flame retardant use in electrical equipment operating at 300 volts or more
    FEDERAL US Food and Drug AdministrationYesDEHP (di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate)Federal health notification issued - limit exposures to DEHP from plastic medical devices
    FEDERAL TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act)yesTSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act)Regulates and restricts the manufacture, import and sale of toxic substances
    FEDERAL TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act)PendingTSCA ReformAmend the Toxic Substances Control Act to provide uniform state rules governing chemicals in commerce (avoid differing state laws)
    FEDERAL TSCA Amendment S. 1160YesFormaldehydeEPA limits formaldehyde in composite wood products (by January 2013)
    FEDERAL Public Law 110-140 – Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007(PL 110-140)YesLightbulbsRequires energy efficiency labeling of bulbs, requires 25 -30 % increase in energy efficiency of current incandescent light bulbs (100, 75, 60 and 45 watt bulbs).
    FEDERAL HB 2200YesEnergy eff. standards for appliances, exit signs, AC, traffic signals, heaters, light fixtures
    FEDERAL HR 2284PendingProhibits the export of electronic waste from the United States
    FEDERAL Green House Gas (GHG) reporting ruleYesGreenHouse GasesRequires large GHG emitters to report emissions
    FEDERAL Conflict MineralsYesConflict MineralsConflict Minerals law requires companies to state whether tin, tantalum, tungsten, & gold present in products were sourced from conflict areas in Congo (SEC rule pending)
    FEDERAL National Defense Authorization (NDA) Act 2012YesGovernment purchasesDoD required to issue regs by 9/28/12 to detect/avoid counterfeit electronic parts sold to government. Expect DoD to make suppliers liable for counterfeit items sold, only allow parts purchases from OEMs, and require Homeland Security inspections of imported electronic parts.
    FEDERAL Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS)YesGovernment purchasesRequires US government suppliers to provide energy efficient and environmentally compliant products. Also suppliers are to identify hazardous materials & provide MSDSs.





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