Version 15
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    • 32-Megabit Serial DataFlash®
    • 2.0 inch TFT color LCD display with backlight
    • UART port with level shifter IC
    • Micro SD interface
    • Reset buttons: NRST
    • User buttons: Left and Right
    • QTouch® buttons: Left, Right, and Slider
    • JTAG port
    • On-board power regulation
    • Two user LEDs
    • Power LED
    • ZigBee® connector

    The SAM3N Evaluation Kit (SAM3N-EK(FOC: 1972217 NOC: 68T3346)) enables evaluation capabilities and code development of applications running on a SAM3N(FOC: 1972131 NOC: 68T3352 ) device.It has enough features to demonstrate most of the product's capabilities to the users. The SAM3N-EK also features extension connectors to allow the users to add new interfaces in case they are not on-board.

    The Atmel® entry point into ARM® Cortex™ M3 technology, the SAM3N intelligently combines high-performance architecture, peripherals and power–saving techniques to deliver uncompromised performance. Available in multiple memory densities, pin counts and package types, the SAM3N offers a scalable solution to meet application requirements. It is supported by a full set of software libraries, project examples, tools and a worldwide ecosystem to shorten development cycle time. Pin-to-pin compatible with the SAM7S(FOC: 1455083 NOC: 68T5149 ) and the SAM3S(FOC: 1841656 NOC: 68T3370 ), the SAM3N facilitates migration within the family.

    The SAM3N(FOC: 1972131 NOC: 68T3352 ) series is touch-ready, offering native support for Atmel QTouch® technology for easy implementation of buttons, sliders and wheels in your application. The Native 3-layer bus AHB matrix support with 10 peripheral DMA channels and distributed memory for high-speed uninterrupted data flows with minimum processor overhead.The Integrated serial resistors eliminate the need for external resistors to preserve signal integrity, resulting in reduced BOM cost, real estate savings and simplified PCB design. The SAM3N only consumes 22 mA at 48 MHz operation and 1.9 uA in backup mode with the RTC running.

    • SAM3N-EK(FOC: 1972217 NOC: 68T3346) board
    • A universal input AC/DC power supply with US, Europe
    • UK plug adapters One serial RS232 cable