Version 17
    • Analog Devices ADSP-BF537 Blackfin processor
      • Core performance up to 600 MHz
      • External bus performance to 133 MHz
      • 182-pin mini-BGA package
      • 25 MHz crystal
    • Synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM)
      • MT48LC32M8 - 64 MB (8M x 8-bits x 4 banks) x 2 chips
    • Flash memory
      • 4 MB (2M x 16-bits)
    • Analog audio interface
      • AD1871 96 kHz analog-to-digital codec (ADC)
      • AD1854 96 kHz digital-to-audio codec (DAC)
      • 1 input stereo jack
      • 1 output stereo jack
    • Ethernet interface
      • 10-BaseT (10 Mbits/sec) and 100-BaseT (100 Mbits/sec) Ethernet Media Access Controller (MAC)
      • SMSC LAN83C185 device
    • Controller Area Network (CAN) interface
      • Philips TJA1041 high-speed CAN transceiver
    • National Instruments Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (ELVIS) interface
      • LabVIEW™-based virtual instruments
      • Multifunction data acquisition device
      • Bench-top workstation and prototype board
    • Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART)
      • ADM3202 RS-232 line driver/receiver
      • DB9 female connector
    • LEDs
      • 10 LEDs: 1 power (green), 1 board reset (red), 1 USB (red), 6 general-purpose (amber), and 1 USB monitor (amber)
    • Push buttons
      • 5 push buttons: 1 reset, 4 programmable flags with debounce logic
    • Expansion interface
      • All processor signals
    • Other features
      • JTAG ICE 14-pin header

    The ADSP-BF537 EZ-KIT Lite provides developers with a cost-effective method for evaluation of the ADSP-BF537 Blackfin® Processor and its rich set of system peripherals, including the IEEE 802.3 10/100 Ethernet MAC and CAN® 2.0B controller. A TCP/IP stack with integrated device driver and example code is provided in VisualDSP ® release 4.0. This evaluation kit was designed with an emphasis on modularity and expandability. With this EZ-KIT Lite, users can learn more about Analog Devices hardware and software development and quickly prototype applications.

    The EZ-KIT Lite includes an ADSP-BF537 processor desktop evaluation board along with an evaluation suite of the VisualDSP development and debugging environment that is composed of a C/C compiler, assembler, and linker. The kit also contains sample processor application programs, CE-approved power supply, a USB cable, both straight through and crossover Ethernet cables, a 3.5 mm male/male stereo cable, and a pair of stereo headphones.

    Additionally, the ADSP-BF537 EZ-KIT Lite contains the National Instruments Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) interface. This interface will allow use of the oscilloscope, function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, dc voltage and current measurement modules, and digital I/O. NI ELVIS is a LabVIEW™-based design and prototype environment for university science and engineering laboratory curriculums.

    Key Applications: Remote Monitoring Devices, Video Surveillance and Security, Industrial and Instrumentation, Industrial Factory Automation, Consumer Electronics, Network Management, and Machine Vision.

    • ADSP-BF537 EZ-KIT Lite board
    • VisualDSP Installation Quick Reference Card
    • CD containing:
      • VisualDSP software
      • ADSP-BF537 EZ-KIT Lite debug software
      • USB driver files
      • Example programs
      • ADSP-BF537 EZ-KIT Lite Evaluation System Manual
    • Universal 7V DC power supply
    • 7-foot Ethernet crossover cable
    • 7-foot Ethernet patch cable
    • 6-foot 3.5 mm male-to-male audio cable
    • 3.5 mm headphones
    • 10-foot USB 2.0 cable