Evaluation Kit for the ADSP-2146x SHARC Family

Version 15
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    • Analog Devices ADSP-21469 SHARC processor
      • Core performance up to 450 MHz
      • 324-pin PBGA package
      • 25 MHz oscillator
      • 5 Mb of internal RAM memory
    • Double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory (DDR2)
      • Micron MT47H64M16HR-3 – 128 MB (64M x 16 bits)
      • Performance of up to 225 MHz clock rate
    • Parallel flash memory
      • Numonyx M29W320EB – 4 MB (4M x 8 bits)
    • SPI flash memory
      • Numonyx M25P16 – 16 Mb
    • Analog audio interface
      • Analog Devices AD1939 audio codec
      • Eight DAC outputs for four channels of stereo output
      • Four ADC inputs for two channels of stereo input
      • Two DB25 connectors for differential inputs/outputs
      • 3.5 mm headphone jack with volume control connected to one of the stereo outputs
      • Supports all eight DACs and four ADCs in TDM and I2S modes at 48 KHz, 96 KHz, and 192 KHz sample rates
    • Digital audio interface (S/PDIF)
      • RCA phono jack output
      • RCA phono jack input
    • Link port interface
      • Two Samtec ERF8/ERM8 series connectors
      • Link ports performance up to 166 MHz
      • Two EZ-Boards can mate with no cables required
    • Temperature monitor
      • ON Semiconductor ADM1032
      • Local and remote temperature sensing
    • Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter (UART)
      • ADM3202 RS-232 line driver/receiver
      • DB9 female connector
    • LEDs
      • Eleven LEDs: one board reset (red), eight general-purpose (amber), one temperature sensor LED (amber), and one power (green)
    • Push buttons
      • Five push buttons: one reset, two connected to DAI, two connected to FLAG pins of the processor
    • Expansion interface II
      • Next generation of the expansion interface design, provides access to most of the ADSP-21469 processor signals
    • Land grid array
      • Easy probing of all port pins and most asynchronous memory interface (AMI) signals
    • Other features
      • JTAG ICE 14-pin header
      • SHARC power measurement jumpers

    The ADSP-21469 EZ-KIT Lite provides developers with a cost-effective method for initial evaluation of the ADSP-2146x SHARC® Processors via a USB-based, PC-hosted tool set. With this EZ-KIT Lite, users can learn more about the Analog Devices (ADI) ADSP-21469 hardware and software development, and quickly prototype a wide range of applications.

    The EZ-KIT Lite includes an ADSP-21469 SHARC® Processor desktop evaluation board along with an evaluation suite of the VisualDSP++® development and debugging environment, including the C/C++ compiler, assembler, and linker. The evaluation suite of VisualDSP++® is designed to be used with the EZ-KIT Lite only. The EZ-KIT Lite also comes with a standalone debug agent board that is removable to allow a user to plug-in an external emulator.

    The fourth generation of SHARC® Processors, which includes the ADSP-21469, offers increased performance, hardware-based filter accelerators, audio and application-focused peripherals, and new memory configurations capable of supporting the latest surround-sound decoder algorithms. All devices are pin-compatible with each other and completely code-compatible with all prior SHARC® Processors. These newest members of the SHARC Processor family are based on a single-instruction, multiple-data (SIMD) core, which supports both 32-bit fixed-point and 32-/40-bit floating-point arithmetic formats making them particularly suitable for high-performance audio applications.

    Key Applications: Industrial Control, Professional Audio, Medical Applications


    • ADSP-21469 EZ-Board
    • VisualDSP++® Installation Quick Reference Card
    • CD containing:
      • VisualDSP++® software
      • ADSP-21469 EZ-Board debug software
      • USB driver files
      • Example programs
      • ADSP-21469 EZ-Board Evaluation System Manual
    • Universal 5.0V DC power supply
    • 3.5 mm stereo headphones
    • 6-foot RCA audio cable
    • 6-foot 3.5 mm/RCA x 2 Y-cable
    • 3.5 mm stereo female to RCA male Y-cable