MCF51QE128 Demonstration Board

Version 15
    Part Number: DEMOQE128
    Manufacturer: NXP

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    Short Description: The
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    • Interchangeable 8-bit S08 and 32-bit ColdFire V1 QE family daughter cards
    • P&E's USB Embedded Multilink circuitry eliminates the need for external BDM cable
      • Allows for debug, programming, and power to board and device
      • SCI signals connected to Multilink through jumpers for on-board virtual serial port
      • TPM signals connected to Multilink through jumpers for on-board logic analyzer
    • On-board Logic Analyzer
    • On-board Virtual Serial Port
    • Asymmetrically positioned 4 8x2 male connectors for interchangeable daughter cards
    • RS-232RS-232Serial Port w DB9-F Connector
    • SCI signals connected to P&E’s Embedded Multilink through jumpers
    • ON/OFF Power Switch w/ LED indicator
    • A 5VDC to 8VDC power supply input barrel connector
    • Power Input Selection Jumpers for selecting the input voltage source:
      • Power Input from Embedded Multilink to LDO regulator
      • Power Input from DC Power Jack to LDO regulator
      • Regulated VDD Output at 3.0V
      • Regulated VDD Output at 2.1V
      • Power Input from Battery
      • Power Input from MCU_PORT connector
    • RESET Push Button and LED indicator w/ Enable
    • Optional External Crystal Circuitry Layout (not populated)
    • User Features:
      • 3-axis Accelerometer w/Enable
      • 8 User LED’s w/ Enable
      • 4 User Push Buttons w/ Enable
      • 1 Piezzo Buzzer w/ Enable
      • IIC Pullups w/ Enable
      • 10K Ohm POT w/ Enable
    • Option Jumpers:
      • COM_EN for 1.8V to 4.25V RS232 Transceiver
      • TXD_EN for SCI_TXD to Embedded Multilink
      • RXD_EN for SCI_RXD to Embedded Multilink
      • INPUT_EN for two input channels to Embedded Multilink
    • Specifications:
      • Board Size 3.5 x 4.0
    • Power Input:
      • USB Cable: 5VDC, 500mA max
      • DC Power Jack: 2.5/5.5mm barrel connector, 5VDC to 8VDC Center Positive
      • Two AAA Battery Cells

    The  DEMOQE128DEMOQE128 is a low-cost development system designed for demonstrating evaluating and debugging the MC9S08QE128 and MCF51QE128 microcontrollers The board supports two interchangeable plug-in daughter cards to quickly evaluate the 8-bit S08 and 32-bit ColdFire V1 QE128 microcontrollers

    Embedded Multilink circuitry on the   board allows the microcontroller on the  DEMOQE128DEMOQE128 to be powered programmed and debugged via USB from the PC In addition the demo board contains an on-board logic analyzer and virtual serial port via USB to assist with rapid development.It also supports plug-in RF daughter cards for SMAC and 802.15.4

    Application development is quick and easy using P&E’s Embedded Multilink circuitry and the included software tools and examples. An optional BDM port is provided to allow use of an external BDM interface such as P&E’s Cyclone PRO automated programmer or USB Multilink. The USB Multilink is functionally comparable to the DEMOQE128’s Embedded Multilink circuitry.

    Key Applications: Consumer, Industrial, Medical/Health Care, Networking and Connectivity (ZigBee, Modem).

    • DEMOQE Base Board with a MC9S08QE128 Daughter Card installed
    • MCF51QE128 Daughter Card
    • DVD-Breaking Bit Boundaries:Getting Started With QE128
    • CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers V6.0 – Special Edition
    • Device and Board Resources
    • Device Training
    • 2-cell AAA battery package
    • USB Cable
    • Quick Start Guide
    • NXP Warranty Card