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    • DSC Evaluation Board for MC56F8037
    • DSC Evaluation Board for MC56F8037


    The 56F8037EVM is used to demonstrate the abilities of the 56F8037 digital signal controller and to provide a hardware tool allowing the development of applications. The 56F8037EVM is an evaluation module board that includes a 56F8037 part, USB interface, user LEDs, user pushbutton switches and a daughter card connector. The daughter card connector allows signal monitoring and expandability of user features.

    The 56F8037EVM is designed for the following purposes:

    • Allowing new users to become familiar with the features of the 56800E architecture. The tools and examples provided with the 56F8037EVM facilitate evaluation of the feature set and the benefits of the family.


    • Serving as a platform for real-time software development. The tool suite enables the user to develop and simulate routines, download the software to on-chip memory, run it, and debug it using a debugger via the JTAG/Enhanced OnCE (EOnCE) port. The breakpoint features of the EOnCE port enable the user to easily specify complex break conditions and to execute user-developed software at full speed until the break conditions are satisfied. The ability to examine and modify all user-accessible registers, memory and peripherals through the EOnCE port greatly facilitates the task of the developer.


    • Serving as a platform for hardware development. The hardware platform enables the user to connect external hardware peripherals. The on-board peripherals can be disabled, providing the user with the ability to reassign any and all of the processor's peripherals. The EOnCE port's unobtrusive design means that all memory on the board and on the processor is available to the user.

    Key Applications: Consumer, Industrial, Medical/Health Care and Motor Control.


    • Digital signal controller 56F8037 , a 16-bit +3.3V digital signal controller operating at 60MHz [U1]
    • Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) port interface connector, for an external debug Host Target Interface [J1]
    • USB interface, for easy connection to a host processor [U2 and P2]
    • Daughter Card connector, to allow the user to connect his own PWM, ADC, DAC, SCI, SPI or GPIO-compatible peripheral to the digital signal controller [P3]
    • On-board power regulation provided from an external +9V DC-supplied power input [P1]
    • Light Emitting Diode (LED) power indicator [LED7]
    • Six on-board real-time user debugging LEDs [LED1-6]
    • Manual RESET pushbutton [S1]
    • Manual interrupt #1 pushbutton [S2]
    • Manual interrupt #2 pushbutton [S3]
    • Built-in circuitry for RS-232 communication

    Ships With

    • Hardware
      • 56F8037 EVM board
      • USB TAP including cable
      • Additional USB cable (power over USB)
    • Software
      • Free License for CodeWarrior Development StudioTM for 56800/E (up to 16KB).
      • Processor ExpertTM tool with software libraries
      • Preprogrammed sample application for three-phase brushless DC motors.
    • Documentation
      • 56F8037 EVM board Kit Installation Guide
      • Warranty registration card

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