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    • MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24H MCUs
    • MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24H MCUs


    The MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24H MCUs (DM240021) is a complete hardware and software kit for exploring the power of PIC24H family of MCUs for multi-tasking needs. With a built-in debugger on the board, simply install the software and connect the USB cable to the PC. Start up MPLAB IDE and gain full control. Run the accelerometer based sample programs and check out the interaction of the accelerometer and the switches with the MCU on the visual display and listen to the speech playback. Connect your own analog sensor for sensor signal processing.

    The DM240021 starter kit features PIC24HJ128GP504 MCU with 128 KB Flash and 8 KB RAM as the computational unit. A tri-axial accelerometer is provided for acceleration detection. The starter kit also showcases a low cost audio playback with an on-board speaker and an OLED display running Microchip Graphics library. A separate signal conditioning circuit is provided to plug-in a wide range of sensors.

    The MPLAB Starter Kit DM240021 for PIC24H MCUs connects directly to the USB port on a personal computer (PC). The PC USB connection supplies communications and power to the board. The starter kit includes debug and programmer circuitry that allows applications to be programmed onto the board’s PIC24H MCU device and then debugged, all using MPLAB IDE.

    The sensor signals from an on-board triaxial analog accelerometer are routed to the fast on-chip ADC module in the PIC24H MCU for software processing. This feature allows the Starter Kit to be maneuvered by tilting. Based on the sensed acceleration due to the tilting of the board, a visual output is generated on the on-board OLED display controlled by the Parallel Master Port (PMP) module.

    Additionally, the speech segments are audibly produced through the on-board speaker via the output compare module as a Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) digital waveform. This output is converted to an analog speech signal by a low-pass filter on the starter kit board. Alternatively, applications can use the conditioning circuitry to plug-in a wide range of analog sensors, grab the sensor signals through the ADC and process them.

    Key Applications: PIC24H Human Machine Interface for Massage Chairs, PIC24H Human Machine Interface for HVAC, PIC24H Sensors for Automotive Stability Control, PIC24H Electric Bike, PIC24H GPS/GSM Automotive Alarm, PIC24H Universal Relay Board


    • Board includes integrated debugger / programmer
    • USB powered
    • PIC24HJ128GP504 MCU with 128 KB Flash and 8 KB RAM
      • Up to 70 MIPS operation at 3.3V
      • Fast DMA with no cycle stealing
      • Single cycle execution and fast interrupts (5 cycles)
      • Motor Control peripherals and integrated Op Amps
      • High-performance 12-bit ADC and CAN offering
      • Graphics/HMI through PMP
      • Wide range of memory/package options
      • Automotive support
    • Features a tri-axial analog accelerometer, 128x64 OLED display, on-board speaker
    • Low cost speech play back of G.711 compressed speech
    • Visual display on OLED display using Microchip Graphics library
    • Switches for application utility
    • Separate analog conditioning circuitry to plug-in wide range of sensors for sensor signal processing

    Ships With

    • MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24H MCU with integrated debugger
    • MPLAB Starter Kit CD containing MPLAB IDE, MPLAB C Compiler, application notes, and sample programs
    • USB cable

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