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    • Demonstration board for S08D Family
    • Demonstration board for S08D Family


    The DEMO9S08DZ60DEMO9S08DZ60 is a demonstration board for the MC9S08DZ60MC9S08DZ60 microcontroller. Application development is quick and easy with the integrated USB-BDM, sample software tools, and examples. An optional BDM_PORT port is also provided to allow use of a BDM_PORT cable. Two, 40-pin connectors provide access to all IO signals on the target MCU.

    NXP has developed the industry's first 8-bit microcontroller family with embedded CAN, embedded EEPROM and on-chip emulation/debug for the automotive and industrial markets.The S08D family offers designers scalability and flexibility of migration with pin, peripheral and tool compatibility between S08D family devices.

    This highly integrated next generation family of MCUs is packed with features designed to provide increased performance, as well as save power, development time, board space and cost.

    Key Applications:

    • Automotive
      • Doors, Window Lift and Seat Control
      • Motorcycle Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Small Engine Control
      • Central Gateway / In-Vehicle Networking
    • Industrial
      • Building Automation Controllers
      • Industrial Machine Control
      • Maritime Electronics
    • Medical/Health Care
      • Health Care Equipment and Devices


    • MC9S08DZ60, 64 LQFP
    • 32K Bytes Flash
    • 4K Bytes RAM
    • 2K Bytes EEPROM
    • Timing Sources
    • 4 MHz XTAL
    • OSC socket
    • BNC connector
    • Integrated P&E USB-BDM
    • BDM_PORT header for BDM cable support (not installed)
    • LIN PHY w/ 2, 4-pos Molex connectors
    • HS-CAN PHY w/ 3-pos pin header connector
    • LP Filters on ADC inputs
    • 2 ea., MCU_PORT socket headers for access to MCU IO signals
    • On-board 5V regulator
    • Optional Power from USB-BDM or MCU_PORT connector
    • Power Input Selection Jumpers
    • Power input from USB-BDM
    • Power input from on-board regulator
    • Power input from Connector J1
    • Optional Power output through Connector J1
    • User Components Provided
    • 3 Push Switches; 2 User, 1 Reset
    • 1 4-pos DIP Switch 7 LED Indicators; 4 User, VDD, USB Power, USB Power Out
    • 2ea. 5K ohm POTs w /LP Filter
    • Jumpers
    • Connectors
      • 2 40-pin MCU I/O Connector
      • 2.0mm Barrel Connector BDM_PORT
      • USB Connectors
      • DB9 Connector

    Ships With

    • MC9S08DZ60 Demo Board
    • Software
    • Cables
    • User Guide

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