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    The Microchip's DM330013-2 Microstick II delivers a complete development hardware platform for Microchip’s 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers and digital signal controllers. It’s the perfect solution to those looking for a low-cost, easy-to-use development platform. The USB-powered kit includes an on-board debugger/programmer, a DUT socket for easy device swapping, a user LED and reset button. It is designed for insertion into a standard prototyping board for easy connection to additional circuitry. The kit is extremely portable as well and is still about the size of a stick of gum!

    The Microchip's DM330013-2 Microstick II is designed to provide an easy to use, economical development environment for 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers. The board includes an integrated debugger/programmer, a socket for the device under test and pins that facilitate insertion into a prototyping board for extremely flexible development. Microstick II is designed to support any 16- or 32-bit Microchip 28-pin SPDIP packaged MCU that matches the power and debugger/programmer interface pins shown on the enclosed schematic. Microstick II supports all 3.3V PIC24FJ, PIC24H, dsPIC33, and PIC32 SPDIP packaged devices.

    The MPLAB® Integrated Development Environment (IDE) should be installed prior to using the Microstick. This board is designed to run MPLAB IDE version 8.76 or later. While MPLAB IDE provides assembler tools for development, most of the code examples provided for Microchip devices are written in the C language and require a C compiler to be installed. Microchip’s MPLAB C compiler seamlessly integrates into MPLAB IDE.

    Key Applications:

    • Design Solutions - 3V System Design, EMC Design, Low Power
    • Human Interface - Touch Sensing Solutions, Graphics Solutions, Audio and Speech
    • Connectivity - Wireless, USB, Ethernet, CAN
    • Application Specific - Automotive, Digital Power, Lighting, Motor Control



    • Low Cost
    • Integrated USB programmer / debugger – No external debugger required
    • USB Powered – Ease of use, No external power required
    • MPLAB support.
    • DUT Socket – Flexible, Easy device replacement
    • 0.025” Pin headers – Enables plug-in to Breadboard with room for jumper wires
    • Easy access to all device signals for probing
    • Small size - Smaller than a stick of gum at 20 x76mm – Easily Portable
    • On board User LED and Reset Switch
    • Free demo code

    PIC24F Low Power 16-bit MCUs Features:

    • 6 MIPS performance at 3.3V
    • XLP Technology for Sleep current at low as 20 nA
    • 2.0V to 3.6V operation
    • Highly integrated peripherals for motor control, graphics displays, USB-OTG and
    • capacitive touch implementation
    • One (8-bit) file select register
    • Multiple product options and easy migration
    • Smallest form factors available

    Ships With

    • Microstick II Board
    • USB Cable
    • 2 - 1x14 header pins for proto board use
    • 1 - PIC24FJ64GB002
    • 1 - PIC24HJ64GP502
    • 1 - dsPIC33FJ64MC802
    • 1 - PIC32MX250F128
    • Info Sheet with installation instructions and board schematic

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