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    • i.MX50 Evaluation Kit
    • i.MX50 Evaluation Kit


    The NXP MCIMX50EVK i.MX50 Evaluation Kit (EVK) offers developers a price effective platform for developing products with the i.MX50 family of applications processors based on the ARM® Cortex™-A8 core. The EVK is a small, single board design which includes a complementary power management IC (PMIC), the MC34708 and support for multiple display options. Users can output directly to a monitor via HDMI or use the optional LCD or electronic paper display (EPD) add-on boards.

    The MCIMX50EVK i.MX50 EVK is also supported with a comprehensive software package, including board support packages (BSPs) for both Linux® and Android™ operating systems. Supporting the major features of the chip and the development board, the BSP simplifies product development and improves customer time to market. The i.MX50 EVK comes preinstalled with the Linux OS flashed on an SD card. With an array of peripheral support and a breadth of optimized software, the i.MX50 EVK allows for immediate demonstration of product capabilities. The EVK contains a VMware® player image running ready-to-go Linux, allowing those with Windows PCs to bypass the typical setup of a standard Linux-based development system.

    The NXP MC34708 PMIC is optimized for use with the i.MX50 and helps maximize power efficiency and battery life while supporting higher levels of integration to minimize board space and cost.

    The MC34708 PMIC provides dual phase switchers for the i.MX50 core and memory, and USB/UART/audio switching for the mini/micro USB connector, which reduces the connector count for a more compact design. A switching charger with dual inputs enables faster charging from a current limited source, such as USB, and the dual path enables power on even when the battery has died. The MC34708 supports the universal charging standard to enable the selection of the optimal charging profile for the given charger source. The i.MX50 family of processors runs at core speeds of 800 MHz and offers a low-power, streamlined solution for customers seeking ARM Cortex-A8 performance levels with flexible design features.

    Key Applications: eReaders, Portable navigation devices, Outdoor and digital signage, Patient/client monitoring, Home and office automation, DECT


    • Processor
      • NXP i.MX50 800 MHz ARM® Cortex™-A8processor
    • Power Management
      • NXP MC34708 PMIC
    • Supported Devices
      • i.MX50 Processors
        • i.MX502: Multimedia Applications Processor
        • i.MX503: Multimedia Applications Processor
        • i.MX507: Multimedia Applications Processor
    • Memory
      • 512 MB Double Data Rate2 Mobile (LPDDR2) DRAM memory
      • Socket for raw NAND flash (48-TSOP)
      • Footprint for managed NAND (eMMC/eSD)
      • SPI flash
      • Two Secure Digital (SD)/multimedia card (MMC) sockets
    • Display
      • Parallel WVGA LCD add-on card via expansion connector
      • EPD add-on card via expansion connector
      • HDMI digital video output connector
    • Audio
      • SGTL5000 audio codec
      • Audio HP jack
      • External speaker connection
      • Microphone
    • Connectivity
      • USB host connectors
      • Micro USB OTG connector
      • Ethernet (10/100T) connector
      • SIM card socket
      • Mini PCIe connector
    • Debug
      • JTAG connector
      • One console UART

    Ships With

    • The MCIMX50EVK Evaluation Kit
    • Getting Started DVD and documentation which provides the step by step guide on board bring-up

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