Discovery Kit for STM32 F4 Series with STM32F407VG MCU

Version 35
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    Discover WiFi Add-on board for STM32F4 Discovery Kit


    The Discover Wi-Fi add-on board (STM32F4DIS-WIFI) is designed to provide an easy wireless connection to the ST STM32F4DISCOVERY Kit and support more overall software features through UART and SPI interface.

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    Camera add-on board, 1.3MP camera for STM32F4DIS-BB


    Digital Camera Module [STM32F4DIS-CAM] - designed by Embest, can be used on STM32F4DIS-BB evaluation board. This module contains an OV9655, which is a 1.3megapixel CMOS SXGA image sensor.

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    3.5 inch LCD Board for STM32F4 Discovery Kit


    LCD module [STM32F4DIS-LCD] - consists of 3.5 inch LCD and driver board. This module is designed for Embest STM32F4DIS-BB board.

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    • STM32F407VGT6 microcontroller featuring 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F core, 1 MB Flash, 192 KB RAM in an LQFP100 package
    • On-board ST-LINK/V2 with selection mode switch to use the kit as a standalone ST-LINK/V2 (with SWD connector for programming and debugging)
    • Board power supply: through USB bus or from an external 5 V supply voltage
    • External application power supply: 3 V and 5 V
    • LIS302DL, ST MEMS motion sensor, 3-axis digital output accelerometer
    • MP45DT02, ST MEMS audio sensor, omni-directional digital microphone
    • CS43L22, audio DAC with integrated class D speaker driver
    • Eight LEDs:
      • LD1 (red/green) for USB communication
      • LD2 (red) for 3.3 V power on
      • Four user LEDs, LD3 (orange), LD4 (green), LD5 (red) and LD6 (blue)
      • 2 USB OTG LEDs LD7 (green) VBus and LD8 (red) over-current
    • Two push buttons (user and reset)
    • USB OTG FS with micro-AB connector
    • Extension header for all LQFP100 I/Os for quick connection to prototyping board and easy probing

    The STM32F4DISCOVERY helps you to discover the STM32F4 high-performance features and to develop your applications easily. It includes everything required for beginners and experienced users to get started quickly.

    Based on the STM32F407VGT6, it includes an ST-LINK/V2 embedded debug tool, two ST MEMS, digital accelerometer and digital microphone, one audio DAC with integrated class D speaker driver, LEDs and push buttons and an USB OTG micro-AB connector.

    The STM32F407xx family is based on the high-performance ARM® Cortex™-M4 32-bit RISC core operating at a frequency of up to 168 MHz. The Cortex-M4 core features a Floating point unit (FPU) single precision which supports all ARM single-precision data-processing instructions and data types. It also implements a full set of DSP instructions and a memory protection unit (MPU) which enhances application security.

    The STM32F407xx family also incorporates high-speed embedded memories (Flash memory up to 1 Mbyte, up to 192 Kbytes of SRAM), up to 4 Kbytes of backup SRAM, and an extensive range of enhanced I/Os and peripherals connected to two APB buses, three AHB buses and a 32-bit multi-AHB bus matrix. All devices offer three 12-bit ADCs, two DACs, a low-power RTC, twelve general-purpose 16-bit timers including two PWM timers for motor control, two general-purpose 32-bit timers. a true random number generator (RNG). They also feature standard and advanced communication interfaces.

    An expansion boards are available to help you in enabling STM32F4DISCOVERY board with Ethernet, Touch Screen, Internet, Camera and Memory. The STM32F4DIS-BB base board connects to STM32F4DISCOVERY so that you can connect to the STM32F4DIS-CAM 1.3 MP camera and STM32F4DIS-LCD 3.5" LCD modules.

    Key Applications: Motor drive and application control, Medical equipment, Industrial applications: PLC, inverters, circuit breakers, Printers, and scanners, Alarm systems, video intercom, and HVAC, Home audio appliances.