MPC560xS Evaluation Board

Version 7
    Part Number: MPC5606S-DEMO-V2
    Manufacturer: NXP
    Product Title: NXP - MPC5606S-DEMO-V2 - REF DESIGN, FOR MPC5606S

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    Short Description: The MPC5606S-DEMO-V2 allows testing most of the MPC5606S MCUs features, especially graphics. The MPC56xxS family is the latest generation of 32-bit Power Architectureâ„¢ microcontrollers (MCUs) that address color thin-film transistor (TFT) displays in ...
    • MPC5606S Microcontroller in a 176 LQFP package
    • e200 32-bit Book E compliant CPU core complex built on Power Architecture technology
    • On-board JTAG connection
    • 4.3" 480x272 24bit Touchscreen LCD Display
    • MC34845 Backlight controller
    • High Speed QSPI 8MB Flash Memory
    • Loudspeaker with sound amplifier
    • CAN & LIN Interface
    • Sound generation and playback using PWM channels and DMA
    • QuadSPI Serial Flash Controller
    • Parallel Data Interface (PDI) for digital video input
    • Display Control Unit (DCU) for direct drive of TFT displays up to WQVGA resolution