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    • BQ25504 Battery Management Evaluation Board, Ultra Low Power Boost Converter IC, Energy Harvester
    • BQ25504 Battery Management Evaluation Board, Ultra Low Power Boost Converter IC, Energy Harvester


    bq25504EVM-674 evaluation module is an Ultra Low Power Boost Converter with Battery Management for Energy Harvester Applications. This EVM is programmed from the factory for settings compatible with most MCU’s and 3V coin cell batteries. The EVM is programmed to deliver a 3.1VDC maximum voltage (OV) for charging the storage element and the under voltage is programmed to 2.2VDC. The VBAT_OK indication toggles high when VSTOR ramps up at 2.8VDC and when VSTOR ramps down to 2.4VDC.

    The bq25504 is a family of intelligent integrated energy harvesting Nano-Power management solutions that are well suited for meeting the special needs of ultra low power applications. The product is specifically designed to efficiently acquire and manage the microwatts (µW) to miliwatts (mW) of power generated from a variety of DC sources like photovoltaic (solar) or thermal electric generators. The bq25504 is the first device of its kind to implement a highly efficient boost converter/charger targeted toward products and systems, such as wireless sensor networks (WSN) which have stringent power and operational demands. The design of the bq25504 starts with a DC-DC boost converter/charger that requires only microwatts of power to begin operating. Once started, the boost converter/charger can effectively extract power from low voltage output harvesters such as thermoelectric generators (TEGs) or single / dual cell solar panels. The boost converter can be started with VIN as low as 330 mV typ., and once started, can continue to harvest energy down to VIN of 100 mV.

    The bq25504 also implements a programmable maximum power point trackig (MPPT) sampling network to optimize the transfer of power into the device. The MPP is listed by the harvesting manufacturer as a percentage of its open circuit (OC) voltage. Typically solar cells are at their MPP when loaded to ~80% of their OC voltage.

    Key applications: Energy Harvesting.


    • Evaluation Module for bq25504
    • Ultra Low Power Boost Converter/Charger with Battery Management for Energy Harvester Applications
    • Resistor-programmable settings for under voltage, over voltage for flexible battery management Including POTs for fine tuning the settings (not populated)
    • Programmable push-pull output Indication for battery status (VBAT_OK)
    • Test Points for Key Signals Available for Testing Purpose – Easy Probe Hook-up
    • Jumpers Available – Easy to Change Settings

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