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    • USB-Based PC Interface Board for Battery Fuel (Gas) Gauge Evaluation
    • USB-Based PC Interface Board for Battery Fuel (Gas) Gauge Evaluation


    The EV2300 is a USB-based interface board for a PC that can be used to evaluate battery fuel gauge circuits designed with Texas Instruments' ICs. The EV2300 has connections on it for a USB cable and also accepts inputs from a battery fuel gauge circuit's communication port (SMBus or HDQ). By running the appropriate PC software for the corresponding fuel gauge IC, the EV2300 interface board allows the user to evaluate the battery fuel gauge circuit.

    This EVM interface board enables an IBM-compatible or other type (with required driver for the particular platform) PC to communicate with Texas Instruments SMBus, HDQ, or DQ interface gas gauges via a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. In addition to this board, PC software is required to interpret the gas gauge data to complete the evaluation system.

    The EV2300 controller is a bq8012 running at 4 MHz. The controller firmware is stored in flash memory and is executed by the core at power-up after the boot ROM code verifies the integrity words. The controller communicates with target device(s) through either: a 2-wire SMBus communication port, a 1-wire HDQ port, or a 2-wire E2PROM I2C port. The 2-wire SMBus communication port supports both SMBus and I2C protocols.

    The interface board connects to a USB port (version 1.1) on a host computer and is powered from the port. All communication over the USB is proprietary and does not fit any USB-defined device classes. Therefore communication with the device requires a loader and driver from Texas Instruments.

    Key Applications: Battery Fuel Gauge.


    • USB-based interface board for evaluation of battery fuel gauge circuits developed with fuel gauge ICs using the HDQ and SMBus communication protocol
    • Provides interface between intelligent battery circuit and a Windows-based PC
    • Connects to the USB port of a PC
    • Allows for on screen display and programming of gas gauge register functions when used with the appropriate PC software

    Ships With

    • EV2300 circuit module
    • Standard USB cable

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