Version 18
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    • 20VDC/ 50W Non Isolated Design
    • Built-in panel emulator
    • Single switch DC/DC Boost for Maximum Power Point Tracking
    • DC/DC SEPIC for MPPT and Battery Charging
    • 36VDC Intermediary bus
    • 24VAC Output Inverter stage
    • Isolated USB JTAG built-in

    The Piccolo F28035 based solar explorer kit is intended to give designers the opportunity to evaluate different power stages used in solar applications in a safe, low voltage environment. This kit also offers designers of single panel off-grid applications such as lighting or motor control systems a robust development platform to start from by utilizing the 36VDC intermediate bus.

    All of the primary application power stages are controlled with a single C2000 MCU, including a single switch boost stage for maximum power point tracking, a SEPIC battery charging stage, and a grid-tie-capable DC/AC inverter stage capable of outputting 24VAC. Integrated USB JTAG emulation eliminates the need for external JTAG development hardware. A built in panel emulation circuit also allows designers to evaluate different shading situations without the need for expensive external hardware. A quickstart graphical user interface is included, as well as fully documented, open source hardware and software libraries.

    Piccolo™ C28x™ low-cost, high integration 32-bit microcontrollers feature architectural advancements and enhanced peripherals to bring the benefits of 32-bit real-time control to applications typically unable to justify the associated cost. Whether you need fixed-point 40-60 MHz performance with the F2802x series, additional flash memory and CLA for high-efficiency control loops of the F2803x series, or the floating-point, double memory, and new Viterbi complex math unit (VCU) of the F2806x series there is a Piccolo MCU fit for your needs.

    Key Applications: Solar Power Inverters, LED Lighting, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Appliances, Digital Power, Motor Drive and Control, Renewable Energy, Power Line Communications.

    • Solar Explorer base board
    • F28035 ControlCARD
    • USB Cables
    • Quick start guide and graphical user interface