Version 23
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    • Controller: LPC4330, 100 pin BGA
    • PCB: 4-layer (86mm x 40mm, RoHS Compliant)
    • Two LEDs
    • One user switch and one reset switch
    • Boot select switch
    • 32Mb Quad SPI flash
    • On board crystals for controller, RTC and audio codec
    • On board Ethernet PHY, 50 MHz Oscillator and RJ45 connector with magnetics
    • On board audio codec and audio jacks
    • On board USB host power switch
    • On board Micro SD card slot
    • Two USB ports, one HS (High speed) port and one FS (Full Speed) port
    • 10-pin cortex debug header
    • Unused I/Os brought to a header

    The LPC4330-Xplorer is a breakout board for LPC4330 Cortex-M4 based microcontroller. The LPC4330 microcontroller has flash and flashless parts. For flashless microcontroller has 200KB SRAM, two 32KB SRAM blocks with separate bus. 64KB ROM containing boot code and on-chip software drivers. 32-bit OTP. For flash microcontroller 1MB dual bank flash, 136KB SRAM, Ethernet MAC, one USB 2.0 Device/Host/OTG interface with DMA support, one USB2.0 Host/Device interaface with DMA, on-chip full-speed PHY and ULPI interface to external high-speed PHY, 4 UARTS with DMA support, 2 C_CAN 2.0B, 2 SSPs, 2 I2C, 2 I2S, LCD controller, 8 GPDMA, up to 164 GPIO, 1 10-bit DAC, 2 10-bit ADCs, and RTC.

    NGX LPC4330-Xplorer has been developed in partnership with NXP semiconductors Inc. It is a compact and versatile evaluation platform for the NXP's Cortex-M4 based MCUs. NGX's evaluation platforms are generally not tied up to any particular debugger or compiler/IDE. However it is not practical to test and ensure that the solution would work out of box with all the available debuggers and compilers/IDE. As long as the compiler supports the particular MCU and the debugger supports the standard debug interfaces like the SWD/JTAG you can use this platform with any tool. The board is supported by extensive sample examples allowing you to focus on the application development.

    The LPC4330 is an ARM Cortex-M4 based digital signal controller with an ARM Cortex-M0 coprocessor designed for embedded applications requiring signal processing. The ARM Cortex-M4 core offers single-cycle Multiply-Accumulate and SIMD instructions and a hardware floating-point unit to support signal processing while the M0 coprocessor handles I/O and digital control processing. The LPC4330 includes 264 KB of data memory, two High Speed USB 2.0 Host/OTG/Devices, advanced configurable peripherals such as the State Configurable Timer (SCT), Serial General Purpose I/O (SGPIO), and SPI Flash Interface (SPIFI) as well as Ethernet, an external memory controller and multiple digital and analog peripherals.

    Key Applications: Motor control and power management, Industrial automation and robotics, Medical, Automotive accessories, and Embedded audio.


    • LPC4330-Xplorer Evaluation Board
    • Two USB cables
    • One USB device cable
    • One USB host adapter cable