Version 46
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    • Processor
      • ARM Cortex A9 MPCore™ 4xCPU Processor at 1GHz
      • Multi-stream-capable HD video engine delivering H.264 1080p60 decode, 1080p30 encode, and 3-D video playback in HD
      • Triple Play Graphics System consisting of a Quad-shader 3D unit capable of 200MT/s, and a separate 2-D and separate OpenVG Vertex acceleration engines for superior 3D, 2D, and user interface acceleration
    • Memory
      • 1GByte of 64-bit wide DDR3 @ 532MHz
      • 2MB SPI FLASH
    • Media Interfaces
      • Analog headphone/microphone, 3.5mm audio jack
      • LVDS interface
      • HDMI interface
      • Parallel RGB interface
      • Camera interface (Support CCD or CMOS camera)
      • MIPI lanes at 1 Gbps
    • Data Transfer Interfaces
      • Serial Ports
        • UART1, 3RS232 Logic
        • UART2, 3RS232 Logic
      • USB Ports:
        • 1 x USB2.0 OTG, micro USB,
        • 2Type A, high-speed, 480Mbps
        • x USB2.0 HOST, connector, high-speed, 480Mbps
      • TF card interface
      • SD card interface
      • SATA II interface, 3.0 Gbps
      • 10M/100M/Gb Ethernet Interface (RJ45 jack)
      • 1 channel I2C interface
      • 1 channel PCIE X1 interface
      • CAN bus
    • Input Interfaces
      • Android keyboard interface
      • 10-pin JTAG interface
      • 2 bit DIP switch for boot mode selection
      • Boot configuration interface
    • Others
      • 1 Power LED
      • 1 DC Jack
      • 1 Reset button
    • Mechanical Parameters
      • Working Temperature: 0°C - 70°C
      • Humidity Range: 20% - 90%
      • Dimensions: 82.55mm x 82.55mm
      • Input Voltage: 5V

    element14 presents the newly launched SABRE Lite evaluation platform featuring the powerful i.MX6 Quad-Core multimedia application processor from NXP Semiconductor. The NXP’s I.MX 6Quad ARM Cortex-A9 application processor encompasses a quad-core platform running up to 1 GHz with 1 MB of L2 cache and 64-bit DDR3 or 2-ch., 32-bit LPDDR2 support. Integrated FlexCAN, MLB busses, PCI Express® and SATA-2 provide excellent connectivity, while integration of LVDS, MIPI display port, MIPI camera port and HDMI v1.4 makes it an ideal platform for leading-edge consumer, automotive and industrial multimedia applications.

    The SABRE Lite Board is measuring only 3.25 inch by 3.25 inch, it is a very compact board but takes full features of the I.MX6Quad processor. The board has integrated 1GByte of 64-bit wide DD3 and 2MByte SPI Flash and brought out a number of interfaces for peripheral connecting, such as serial ports, USB, Ethernet, CAN, SATA, RGB, LVDS, HDMI, Audio, Camera, I2C, SD Card, JTAG and etc. The board is a ready-to-run platform with ported Linux 3.0.15 or Android 4.0.4.

    The i.MX6 series unleashes a scalable multicore platform that includes single-, dual- and quadcore families based on the ARM Cortex™-A9 architecture for next-generation consumer, industrial and automotive applications. By combining the power-efficient processing capabilities of the ARM Cortex-A9 architecture with leading edge 3D and 2D graphics, as well as high-definition video, the i.MX6 series provides a new level of multimedia performance to enable an unbounded next-generation user experience.

    The i.MX6 series also brings world-class integration with high-performance multimedia processing, making it the ideal platform for future multimedia-centric applications such as tablets, smart books and human-machine interface (HMI). With integrated options including LVDS, HDMI v1.4, MIPI DSI display port and MIPI CSI-2 camera port, as well as the ability to support up to four screens simultaneously, the i.MX6 series provides the flexibility to develop tailored, market-specific solutions with faster time to market.

    Key Applications: Netbooks (web tablets), Nettops (Internet desktop devices), High-end mobile Internet devices (MID), High-end PDAs, High-end portable media players (PMP) with HD video capability, Gaming consoles, Portable navigation devices (PNDs), Industrial control, Test and measurement (T&M), Single board computers (SBCs), Tablets, eReaders, Smartbooks, Automotive infotainment, HMI, Portable medical, IPTV, IP phones and Home energy management systems.

    • SABRE Lite board
    • Micro-B to standard-A cable
    • 5 Vdc @ 4 A power supply
    • SD Card - The kit will include an SD Card with the TimeSys image preloaded on it.
    • Custom serial cable
    • Crossover ethernet cable
    • Quick-Start Guide

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