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    profile-image-display.jspa.pngExpertise: Semiconductors with particular focus on MOSFET and TRIAC products


    About Aiman: Aiman is experienced electrical engineer with 20 years + experience and extensive knowledge in semiconductors with particular focus on MOSFET and TRIAC products. Involved with the oversight of semiconductor manufacturing processes and quality assurance manufacturing.


    Responsible for technical engineering support for all Electromechanical and Solid State Relays, including Optically Isolated MOSFETs ( PhotoMOS), active/passive Sensors and Fine Pitch Connectors. Managed product engineers with assigned product line responsibilities. Training of sales managers and manufacturing sales representatives. Technical presentations to sales force. Conducted product market research and development strategies to help increase company product portfolio. Supervised staff on performing failure analysis, technical research. Expert on PIMITES (Precision Integrated Micro Technologies & Systems) sensors and MID (Three-dimensional injection-molded circuit) components. Knowledgeable of Safety regulations( i.e.: UL/CSA/CE) to assist in various product compliance matters.