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    Design files for TI's bqTESLA Qi compliant 

    Wireless power reference design transmitter manager kit bq500210EVM-689



    The bq500210EVM-689bq500210EVM-689 evaluation module (EVM) is a high-performance, easy-to-use development tool for the design of wireless power solutions. The EVM is a bqTESLA single-channel transmitter that will power the bq51013AEVM-765bq51013AEVM-765 Integrated Receiver or any other Wireless Power Consortium certified receiver. Together, the bq500210EVM-689 Transmitter and bq51013AEVM-765 Receiver enables designers to speed the development of their end-applications.


    • Intelligent Control of the Power Transfer between Base Station and Mobile Device
    • Conforms to the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Wireless Power Transfer 1.0 Specifications
    • Demodulates and Decodes WPC Complaint Message Packets from the Power Receiving Device
    • Implements closed-loop Power Transfer PID Control by varying frequency of the Voltage on the Transmitting Coil
    • Parasitic Metal Object Detection (PMOD)
    • Operating Modes Status Indicator
    • Powers the bq51013AEVM-765 Integrated Receiver or any other WPC certified receiver


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    and Würth Elektronik Charging-Coil transmitter 24µH part # 760308101760308101 



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    • Application Note - Building a Wireless Power Transmitter - download