Version 42

    We are the people working behind the scenes to answer your questions, fix problems, put out new features, and generally keep the element14 site up and running. With this group, the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate never ends.


    Dianne Kibbey - Global Head of Community
    Mindi Barraza-Corral - Senior Manager of Community Content
    Christopher Stanton - Senior Community Insights and Engagement Specialist (Community Manager)
    Randall Scasny - Senior Community Content Specialist & Technical Writer
    Tariq Ahmad - Community Content Specialist
    Phil Hutchinson - Senior Community Programs Specialist
    John Lucas - Community Content Specialist
    Dan ZimaDan Zima - Community Specialist
    Christy ZurcherChristy Zurcher - Community Development Manager
    Matt CollingeMatt Collinge - Development Lead
    Dudley NelsonDudley Nelson - Community Developer
    Richard FasihiRichard Fasihi - Community Developer
    oadesidaOlu Adesida - Operations Engineer
    Summer NelsonSummer Nelson - Senior Business Analyst
    Dorothe WiedleDorothe Wiedle - Community Test Lead
    Natari Eddington-ShowerNatari Eddington-Shower - Community Tester