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    Kit Overview



    The Analog Devices EVAL-AD5933EBZEVAL-AD5933EBZ evaluation board can be used as a standalone board, with control coming from an external DSP or microcontroller, or it can be connected to a PC. Software is provided that can be used to program the registers of the AD5933AD5933.


    The AD5933AD5933 is a high precision impedance converter system that combines an on-board frequency generator, a 12-bit 1 MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC), and an internal temperature sensor.


    The frequency generator allows an external complex impedance to be excited with a known frequency. The on-board ADC samples the response signal from the impedance, and an on-board DSP engine at each excitation frequency processes the DFT. The AD5933AD5933 also contains an internal temperature sensor with 13-bit resolution and operates from a 2.7 V to 5.5 V supply.


    Other on-board components include a ADR423ADR423 3.0 V reference to act as a stable supply voltage for the separate analog and digital sections of the device and a ADP3303ADP3303 ultrahigh precision regulator to act as a supply to the on-board universal serial bus controller that interfaces to the AD5933AD5933. The user has the option to power the entire circuitry from the USB port of a computer.


    The evaluation board also has a high performance trimmed 16 MHz surface-mount crystal to act as a system clock to the AD5933AD5933, if required.  Interfacing to the AD5933 is through a USB microcontroller that generates the I2C signals necessary to communicate with the AD5933. Interfacing to the USB microcontroller is done through a Visual Basic® graphic user interface located on and run from the PC.


    Key Applications: Electrochemical analysis, Impedance spectroscopy, Complex impedance measurement, Corrosion monitoring and protection equipment, Biomedical and automotive sensors, Proximity sensing

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    Software Tools


    The AD5933 graphical user interface (GUI) software on the compact disc (CD) is supplied with the evaluation board. The GUI has the frequency sweep capability for board control and data analysis. The software is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and Windows XP and Windows 7.


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    Technical Documents

    Learning Center


    User GuideADI: User Guide for EVAL-AD5933EBZ Eval Board
    User GuideADI: User Guide for Evaluation Board for the 1 MSPS 12-Bit Impedance Converter Network Analyzer
    DatasheetADI: Data Sheet for AD5933 - 1 MSPS, 12-Bit Impedance Converter, Network Analyzer
    Design TechniquesADI: CN-0217 - Design Techniques for High Accuracy Impedance Measurements Using 12-Bit Impedance Converters
    Application NoteADI: AN-953 - Application Note for Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) with a Programmable Modulus
    Application NoteADI: AN-1053 - Application Note for AD5933 Evaluation Board Example Measurement
    Application NoteADI: AN-280 - Application Note for Mixed Signal Circuit Technologies
    Application NoteADI: AN-939 -Application Note for Super-Nyquist Operation of the AD9912 Yields a High RF Output Signal
    Application NoteADI: AN-847 -Application Note for Measuring a Grounded Impedance Profile Using the AD5933


    Design Elements


    CAD ModelADI: Symbols and Footprint for AD5933YRSZ
    Application Library

    ADI: AD5933 Software Evaluation, Rev. 1.4

    Application Library

    ADI: AD5933 Evaluation Board Software Source Code, Rev 1.0 


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    Kit Features



    Key Features for the EVAL-AD5933EBZEVAL-AD5933EBZ Evaluation Board:

    • Full-featured evaluation board for the AD5933AD5933
    • Graphic user interface software with frequency sweep capability for board control and data analysis
    • Various power supply linking options
    • Standalone capability with serial I2C loading from on-board microcontroller
    • Selectable system clock options including internal RC oscillator or on-board 16 MHz crystal


    Key Features for the AD5933AD5933

    • Programmable output peak-to-peak excitation voltage to a maximum frequency of 100 kHz
    • Programmable frequency sweep capability with serial I2C interface
    • Frequency resolution of 27 bits (<0.1 Hz)
    • Impedance measurement range from 1 kΩ to 10 MΩ
    • Capable of measuring of 100 Ω to 1 kΩ with additional circuitry
    • Internal temperature sensor (±2°C)
    • Internal system clock option
    • Phase measurement capability
    • System accuracy of 0.5%
    • 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply operation
    • Temperature range: −40°C to +125°C
    • 16-lead SSOP package



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    Kit Contents


    The Analog Devices EVAL-AD5933EBZEVAL-AD5933EBZ Evaluation Board is supplied with the below contents:

    • Evaluation Board
    • USB Cable
    • CD-ROM
      • Graphical user interface software






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