Version 4

    Q: How do I create content a document?

    A: You can create a document from multiple areas on the Community as long as you are logged-in. Also some groups do require you to be a member of the group to post a document.  If you are viewing a specific area and want to create a document the “Actions” menu and select the action to “Create a Document”.  You are presented with two options “Write a New Document” or “Upload a File”.  If you are uploading content only, your best option is to use “Upload a File.  If you do not have an attachment to upload or want to create a new formatted document select “Write a New Document”.  You may also select to create a document by clicking on the Create tab in the upper right hand corner of the page that will also produce a drop down menu and choose Document. You will need to select from a list of areas in which you can create this document.




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