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    Kit Overview


    The TPA3123D2TPA3123D2 evaluation module (TPA3123D2EVMTPA3123D2EVM) consists of a single 25 W, class-D, stereo audio power  amplifier complete with a small number of external components mounted on a circuit board that are used to directly drive speakers with an external analog audio source as the input.


    The TPA3123D2TPA3123D2 is a 25-W (per channel) efficient, Class-D audio power amplifier for driving stereo speakers in a single-ended configuration or a mono speaker in a bridge-tied-load configuration.


    The TPA3123D2TPA3123D2 can drive stereo speakers as low as 4 . The efficiency of the TPA3123D2 eliminates the need for an external heat sink when playing music.


    The gain of the amplifier is controlled by two gain select pins. The gain selections are 20, 26, 32, 36 dB.


    The patented start-up and shut-down sequences minimize pop noise in the speakers without additional circuitry.


    Key Applications: Televisions

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    Technical Documents

    Learning Center
    User GuideTI: User Guide for TPA3123D2EVM
    DatasheetTI: Data Sheet for TPA3123D2 - 25-W STEREO CLASS-D AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER
    Application NoteTI: Application Note for Using Thermal Calculation Tools for Analog Components


    Design Elements
    LayoutTI: TPA3123D2EVM Gerber Files
    Reference DesignTI: Reference Design for PMP1533
    CAD ModelTI: CAD Model for TPA3123D2
    CAD ModelTI: CAD Model for TPA3120D2


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    Kit Features




    TPA3123D2EVMTPA3123D2EVM  Features:


    • 25 W/ch into a 4 Ω Load from a 27 V Supply
    • 20 W/ch into a 4 Ω Load from a 24 V Supply
    • Operates from 10 V to 30 V
    • Efficient Class-D Operation Eliminates Need for Heat Sinks
    • Four Selectable, Fixed-Gain Settings
    • Internal Oscillator (No External Components Required)
    • Single-Ended Analog Inputs
    • Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection With Auto Recovery
    • Space-Saving Surface-Mount 24-Pin TSSOP Package
    • Pin-to-Pin compatible with TPA3123D2TPA3123D2
    • Advanced Power-Off Pop Reduction




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    Kit Contents


    The Texas Instruments TPA3123D2EVMTPA3123D2EVM supplied with below contents:


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